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Poker Freeroll News June 2008

Freeroll News 29th June 2008:

Tower Poker is a thriving online poker site with regular freerolls throughout the day. During sping and summer Tower have upped their game and now feature even more freerolls, with some of the best clearing ratios around.

If you've never won a freeroll you might be wondering what I mean by the term "clearing ratios". Well they say there's no such thing as a free lunch and it's as true with freerolls as it is anywhere else. If you win money on a freeroll they don't just give it to you, you need to earn it! The money clears at a rate proportional to the number of raked hands you play, so for example you might clear $1 dollar for every $10 that you play in raked hands.

Here are the freeroll highlights at Tower Poker:-

Summer Bonus Freeroll Mania The chance to win more than $16,000 a month in Bonus Prize Freerolls - $15 and $20 Bonus Freerolls are running every hour of every day.

Tower of Freerolls Each month Tower are giving away $5,000 in prize money for 4 Texas Holdem Poker Freeroll Tournaments.

$25 Door Crasher Freeroll You can swap 25 Poker Points for your ticket for a chance at one of these $25, flat-payout freerolls.

$10 Freeroll At 7:30 pm EST, the $10 Freebie Freerolls are open to everybody.


Freeroll News 22nd June 2008:

Full Tilt Poker is still one of the market leaders in poker world and has freerolls every hour.

There's a good bit of variety in the freeroll tournaments, as well as No-Limits Texas Holdem they have Limit Texas Holdem, HORSE, Razz, Omaha and Turbo Hold'em.

The prizes are normally a reasonable $100 and there are plenty of places available in the freerolls.

Freeroll News 15th June 2008:

Poker Host has proved itself to be one of the most popular poker freeroll sites features on these pages. Every time I have written about PokerHost there's been a lot of interest and a good few new people signing up for an account.

Poker Host

The reasons are simple. It's a very good site and they have good freerolls. What more could you ask for!

Some of the freeroll highlights are:

First Depositors Freeroll

Doughflow Freerolls

The Doughflow Poker Freerolls are a way of working your way up to a weekly $1,000 Prize Pool game. You can enter Doughflow daily freerolls every day between Sunday and Friday. The 100 top winners in the daily games qualify for the weekly Doughflow final where the $1,000 prize pool is shared between the top 120 finishers.

Check out the Doughflow daily freerolls in the poker client, look under Scheduled Tournaments > Freeroll.

Friday Poker Freeroll

I've saved the best till last! The Friday game is a $500 freeroll with no restrictions at all, you don't need to have played a single raked hand in order to qualify for the Friday freeroll poker tournament. To qualify, all you need to do is sign up for a free account then register for the freeroll.

Note that the normal freeroll restrictions apply for withdrawing any winnings you might get from these tournaments but I'm sure you can cross that bridge when you come to it!

If you make a minimum deposit of $50 you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered for PokerHost's great $500 New Depositor game. You don't need to actually spend any of the money you've deposited in order to play in the freeroll, all you need to do is make the deposit. You can even just remove the money if you want, it's up to you. You can find the First Depositor freerolls listed under Scheduled Tournaments > Freeroll.

Go to Poker Host


Freeroll News 10th June 2008:

Poker 770 is a new one on me but they have a few interesting frerolls with plenty of time to get signed up to them. If you don't like the mad scramble of trying to get into one of the more popular freerolls, this one might be for you and if you sign up for a real money account, you can play 4 New Player freerolls in a 7 day period.

Note that this DOESN'T mean that you need to make a deposit. All you need to do is to give them your name, address and email and choose a passord and user name.

It's very easy to do, just Click Here then download the software. When you open up the poker client just look for Tournaments and then Freerolls.

The game play is actually very good, one of the best sites I've played on. All the information is clear and well presented and the thing I like is that it looks like a poker table rather (a bit like PokerRoom). All in all definitely worth a visit.


Freeroll News 1st June 2008:

Tower Poker is a site that has been growing in stature recently and now has a very nice feel to it along with a very healthy number of players at the tables. They also have a range of poker freeroll tournaments on offer, but the prizes on offer tend to be on the low side or require some kind of qualification.

Much better in my opinion is to invest just ONE DOLLAR (+$0.10) in the Tower Poker Turbo No-Limit games. I played one last night and there were 1201 players in for a very good prize pot of $1200+.

Now I don't know about you, but I feel that four hours of my time is much better spent with the possibility of a share of $1200, rather than a share of $20 or $25. And I'm certainly not alone, since the ban on US players took effect the freeroll market has been decimated and it's been really hard to try and get a decent freeroll game anywhere. 

Now more and more online poker players are deciding it's worth a very small investment of their money to again play in a multi-table tournament that's actually worth playing in.

So if that rings true with you at all, I would recommend giving the Turbo No-Limit tournaments at Tower a go, after all what's the worst that can happen - you lose a dollar!

By the way just as an aside, if you have a hard drive full of poker clients and can't face downloading another one, there's good news on that front too. You can play Tower Poker "live" online in Java without the need to download the full program.


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