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Poker Freeroll News October 2007

Sites where USA players can STILL play poker online!

Carbon Poker is one of the fastest growing and best sites on the internet for poker freerolls. But the good thing about it is so far it is still relatively unknown and has only about a quarter of the number of players you'll find at some of the bigger sites.

With all of the great freeroll and tournament poker action available at Carbon Poker however, it wont last for long.

There is a LOT of freeroll action at Carbon Poker with as much as $120,000 available to be played for every month. Check out their new player freerolls when you join up with them.

Another great innovation from Carbon Poker is this week's half-price Sit 'n Go tournaments. ALL Sit 'n Gos on the site have an incredible 50% off the entry fees, so for example a $20+$2 tournament would only cost you $20+1. They can't discount the main part of the entry money of course as that is what the prize pot is made up of.

US players are accepted at Carbon Poker and you can take advantage of the 10% free money bonus with your first deposit. You can use PINdebit (a payment processor) which accept My WebATM cards.

Other ways to pay include Moneybookers (which now have withdrawals available), Wirecard, eWalletXpress and EcoCard.

The Poker Players Alliance
OK this hasn't got anything to do with freerolls directly, but in a way it could affect your ability to play freerolls in the future. The Poker Players Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose members have joined together to promote and preserve the rights of people to play poker.

It is backed by no less than Howard Lederer and members numbers are over 800,000. It needs you to become a member if you want poker to still be available on the internet in two, five or ten years time. Take a moment to consider - how would you feel if poker online just stopped altogether?


As I mentioned in the alert I sent out on Friday, Poker Host is running a new $500 freeroll every Friday night at 8:00pm EST. There are no entry requirements to get into the freeroll other than to sign up for an account which you would obviously have to do anyway.

Rakeback is a great site that helps you to claim back a share of the rake that you pay to the poker rooms. Now even although there's nothing in it for me promoting a site like this (sob sob!), I know you would want to know about the regular freerolls they run at PokerStars.

To register, you need to sign up for an account (it's free) and check back to get the password for the next freeroll.


Sorry about the late notice about the PokerStars freeroll, I hope you managed to get in. As I write this I'm still playing, it's down to about 60 players and I'm winning at least a dollaar!

Poker Nordica is a site you might not have heard a lot about but they do have a very good freeroll coming up. On the last Sunday of every month PokerNordica.com run a $50,000 Freeroll (starting time at 15:00 EST). The game is open to all poker players who have earned 5000 Poker Nordica comp points in the month to date.

OK so you might be struggling a bit to cram in 5000 points for this month's freeroll but there's a whole month to get the point's required for the next one. And $50K is an incredible prize pot for a freeroll!

Refer a friend freeroll 

How would you like $25 paid straight into your account at PokerNordica? They have a great refer-a-friend program that also gives you entry to a $2,500 freeroll, just for referring one friend.

Better than that even, you get $25 in real money as well as an entry to the  $2,500 Refer-a-Friend freeroll for EVERY friend you refer.

Here's what you do: 

1. Sign up for an account.

2. Make a link to the Poker Nordica site using your name like this: http://YOURUSERNAME.friends.pokernordica.com (substitute the name you registered instead of YOURUSERNAME.
3.  Get your friends to click on the link you made and sign up. 

When your friend plays and reaches 250 comp points, your friend gets an entry to the $2,500 Refer-a-Friend Freeroll and you get $25 plus an entry to a $2,500 Refer-a-Friend Freeroll.

Note this offer is only available to NEW players to the Poker Nordica site.


Sportsbook.com Poker has launched a poker freeroll tournament called the  Million Dollar Freeroll Series. Qualification lasts for a full 10 months with a monthly final every month until next June.

Each monthly final has a $100,000.00 prize pool with the winner collecting an incredible $75,000. This really is one tournament where you want to be winning, rather than just getting into the prize money.

To qualify, you need to enter one of the qualifying freerolls running twice a day up to the end of month Million Dollar Freeroll Series Final. The top 10 finishers in each freeroll qualifier will be awarded a seat into the final.

As well as winning one of the freeroll places in the monthly final, there are another four ways to qualify for each monthly final:

-  Gold Chip Qualifier
Qualifiers every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, featuring a 10 gold chip buy-in. The top 20 finishers get a shot of the big money in the final. 

-  Direct Buy-in
Pay $50 and bypass all the hassle of qualification. Registration open now.

-  Cash Satellite Qualifier
Satellites every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, buy-ins from as little as $2. A seat at the final will be awarded for every $50 in the prize pool.

-  Deposit Bonus Seat Lottery
Make a real money purchase and you could qualify for a draw to win one of 25 free passes to the final.