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Poker Freerolls

Poker freerolls are fantastic! There's nothing quite like playing Texas Holdem freerolls, you get to play Texas Hold ‘Em poker with the chance of a cash prize – for free. Prizes range from hundreds of dollars down to a token few dollars for the lower places.

The beauty of online poker freerolls is that as soon as you sign up to become a member of the freeroll poker site, you can play, usually before you even deposit any money.

The standard of competition varies a lot between the freerolls, some of the bigger ones have good players and are hard to win. There are often some good poker players online and the competition can be quite tough, especially for the beginner.

The key to success though lies in not letting yourself get intimidated, just try and use a bit of "front" and be bold. In the poker freeroll tournaments you cannot win by just sitting back and calling the odd bet, you need an aggressive style and have to use regular bluffing in order to progress to the later stages.

Here's a video of a young guy winning a Full Tilt poker freeroll against 8500 players!

The video should give you some inspiration, study it closely and you will see that anybody can do well in the freerolls with a bit of practice and a good aggressive poker strategy.

Bear in mind that the free poker games have very large player numbers and you will need to beat a LOT of players to even get into the minor prize money for the game. You can't do that by getting good cards alone, you MUST use a successful bluffing strategy or you are done for.

But although the standard can be quite good, it is possible to do well. Online poker free rolls do not attract top players for the simple fact that the prize money does not make it worth their while to sit for three or four hours.

And there's loads of them to choose from. Most of the big poker sites online have daily poker free rolls so you can play several every day if you want. So check out the timetable, decide which ones suit you best and start playing Texas Holdem poker for free now.


Poker freerolls are a good training ground for sharpening your skills but most of the tactics you learn will ONLY be good forfreerolls. Most of the time you can't transfer what you have learned to the paid tournaments as the approach needs to be different.

The poker freeroll player is a different breed and often plays only freerolls, never playing with any of their own money so you need to change your tactics to cope with the different type of player you will be up against on the money tables. If you decide to spend a few dollars rather than stick to freerolls (which we would highly reccommend) then you will move up to a whole new level, a level where winning money is easier and prize money a lot more.

Check out the Full Tilt poker freeroll schedule

Article by www.Love-Texas-Holdem.com