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Love-Texas-Holdem.com Poker Newsletter - The Poker Freeroll Update

Love-Texas-Holdem.com has suspended the poker newsletter for now. When it was up and running it was published once a week and concentrated mostly on delivering the best poker freeroll information free of charge to the very happy band of subscribers but also featured some of the best poker bonus deals and tournament information anywhere.

Some of the newsletters from the archive can be found at these links:

Poker Freeroll News January 2008
Poker freeroll news for January 2008, including Poker Host, Poker Stars, Cake Poker, Poker4ever, HollywoodPoker, Mansion Poker, Pitbull Poker

Poker Freeroll News February 2008
Poker freeroll update for Love-Texas-Holdem for February, featuring: Poker4ever, Poker Host, Omaha Hi freeroll at Poker Stars, Simple Freeroll System Part 1, VC Poker and Carbon Poker

Poker Freeroll News March 2008


Each week a LOT of information went into the edition of the newsletter. From the number of subscribers that read it every week and got in touch to say thanks for helping them to win money at the freeroll tables, it proved to be time and effort well spent.

Who knows, maybe one day the poker freeroll news will rise again but the world has moved on a bit since its heyday. Obama all but wiped out online gambling in the USA and with it went 90% of the online casinos that ran the poker games. It was the biggest blow ever suffered by the internet poker industry and everybody suffered from it.

Players lost their balances overnight as the poker rooms were shut down and shady site owners refused to pay out. The sites themselves lost money from income and closed down right away, some of them had big notices from the US Government when you logged on.

It was a mess and although things have changed gradually in the intervening years it may never get back to what it was and the golden era of online poker may be gone forever.