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Poker Freeroll News March 2008

Freeroll News 30th March 2008:

32Red Poker has a whole month of freerolls, guaranteed tournaments and special events coming up in April. I've picked out two of the early highlights for you, so if you are interested in one of them just click on the link beside it.

To start off the month, you've just got time to get in on the $500 April Fools Freeroll, tomorrow (Tuesday 1st April) at 4:00 EST. Click here for details of the April Fools Freeroll.

Next up there's the Grand National Freeroll where you can win your share of the $500 prize pot. There is an extra fun bonus of $100 going to the player who finishes in the same position as the number of the horse that wins the race! The tourney starts at 8:00am EST or 1pm UK Time. Click here for the Grand National freeroll.

More great offers from 32RedPoker later.


The WSOP is of course the biggest poker tournament in the world by far. Some people don't realize it, but literally anyone can play in the WSOP - if they have enough money for the entrance fee. However if you're like most mere mortals, a five figure entrance fee is probably a bit beyond your means. Help is at hand though, as there are a good selection of sites around that offer a path to the WSOP for a nominal entrance fee. Don't get me wrong, the route is long and very hard. But it IS possible. An ordinary online player like you or me can get to the WSOP and play amongst the biggest stars in the world of poker - just by qualifying through these tournaments.

So here are a couple of the best sites where you can get on the road to the WSOP for less money than you lose down the couch.

Hollywood Poker has qualifying tournaments for the WSOP from a mere $1. Yes a dollar could get you to the big one and who knows, you might even be the next winner to come from the internet. Click here for more details of how you can qualify for the WSOP with Hollywood Poker

Poker Room also gives you the opportunity to qualify for the world's premiere poker tournament from $1. Yes a mere buck can earn you a massive winner's package valued at $17,500. The prize includes entry and accommodation as well as spending money. Click here to find out more about qualifying for the WSOP through Hollywood Poker.

Poker4Ever is another site that welcomes US players and is promoting the WSOP very heavily. Click here for more details of how you can qualify for the WSOP with Poker4Ever


Poker players from the UK and indeed from all around the world might have an interest in this weekend's big race at Aintree in Liverpool. The Grand National is one of UK's biggest sporting events and everyone from seasoned bettors to grannies has a small (or even a large!) flutter on the race. OK it's a bit off topic but for those of you who like a punt can get a massive 30 Euro bonus so get punting!

The race takes place this coming Saturday, 5th April.

Freeroll News 16th March 2008:

One of the sites I've featured most over the last two years of writing this newsletter is Carbon Poker - and with good reason. Player feedback and number of sign ups at the site has told me that Carbon Poker is one of the very best and most popular site for freerolls.

They have a tremendous range of poker freeroll tournaments to suit all players, and there are plenty of them. Some of them require CP "comp points", some don't.

Carbon have a new freeroll schedule for the rest of March, including a freeroll every two hours - Details as follows (by the way the following times are all in CarbonPoker time, which is GMT -5 and ET-1).

The $1,000 Freerolls
Each weekday Monday through to Friday there's a $1,000 poker freeroll that's for all players who have managed to earn 1000 or more CP comp points. The points must have been gained during the 3 days before the start of the tournament.

The Big $2,000 Freeroll
On Saturdays at 15:00 (3:00pm) Carbon hosts a $2,000 freeroll that's for people with at least 1000 CP points. Again the point's must have been earned in the 72 hours leading up to the tournament.

The Huge $10,000 Freeroll
Sundays at 15:00 see the second biggest freeroll on Carbon, a $10,000 poker freeroll tournament. This is for those who have managed 2500 comp points but this time the qualifying period is 159 hours prior to the start of the event. Note that because of the next freeroll, this tournament doesn't take place on the last Sunday of the month),

The Giant $50,000 Freeroll
The biggest of all CP freerolls takes place at 15:00 on the last Sunday of each month. The prize pot is a fantastic $50,000 and the game is for all players who have managed to accumulate 5000 comp points in the month.

All of the above freerolls run at 19:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 13:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Daily Freerolls

Daily depositing players $500 freeroll. This is for real money players who have made their FIRST deposit with Carbon Poker, note that your initial deposit entitles you to play in the freeroll for 14 days.

Daily freerolls for depositing players take place at 19:15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 13:15 on all other days.

Don't worry if you haven't yet made your first deposit, there are still freerolls for you to play in too! Every day Carbon Poker have $50 freerolls open to all members running at 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00.

Click Here NOW to go to the freerolls at Carbon Poker

Freeroll News 9th March 2008:

There is a fantastic new series of "Super Sevens" poker freeroll tournaments at Poker Time

You might remember these from January and February, they were extremely popular so they have been brought back for March too. As the name suggests, the prize money in these games is worth a whopping $7000.

The tournaments all take place ten days apart from each other, on the days ending in 7, so the schedule of games is:

7th March 2008 16:00 EST

17th March 2008 16:00 EST

27th March 200816:00 EST

The great news is that there are no strings attached to this offer at all. It is a proper freeroll, you just sign up and play!


Now to round up my simple system for winning low entry tournaments at Poker Stars. I told you before that the main objective was to get to the final table and guarantee a prize.

To do that, you need to play very tight poker, that means hardly playing any hands at all. When you do get a premium hand, play it aggressively to knock all but the serious contenders out of the hand.

Make big raises and watch the opposition back off, they will have noticed you are not playing many hands and when you do you take down the pot. They will run scared of any decent sized raise unless they either have a very good hand or are very stupid.

If you do find yourself running out of chips because you are just not getting any good enough hands, you need to make your move BEFORE it is too late. When you get down to $500 chips and the blinds are $100/$200, it is too late. You don't have any power and you will get called even if you are all in as by then somebody will be on $5000 chips and it is going to be worth a call to get rid of you.

So to prevent this happening, make your all in move when you still have 8 - 10 times the big blind left in chips, at this stage you still have enough chips to scare off weak and middle hands but any less and you have lost all your powers at the table.

As you get to the final table and start to lose opponents, you can open up a bit and play a bid more adventurously - but still aggressively. You will have more chance of having the best hand as there is less opposition so play more hands.

OK that about wraps it up, that's all I do and I win a good few tournaments at Poker Stars. Good luck and I hope you win some games there too soon, be sure to let me know if this has helped!

Click HERE to get started playing tournaments at Poker Stars

Freeroll News 2nd March 2008:

Sorry I forgot the second part of the system I was telling you about, I've got it below this week.

Ultimate Bet is still one of the great online poker sites, with top superstars of the game like Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke regularly there.

Now they have raised their game by introducing the very best loyalty program on the net for poker players. It's called Rai$e and there are five different levels you can rise up through, each of which bring their own fantastic rewards for playing.

Start at Member level, then rise up through Player then Contender before moving up to Legend and finally the ultimate - Icon. The longer you stay the more rewards you will gain.

Some of the amazing rewards on offer are: $1,000 cash in exchange for the UltimatePoints™ to collect, a whopping 9% interest on your UB account balance, special VIP trips and poker experiences and access to UB Auctions site and UltimatePoints Store™.

Does that sound like something that might appeal to you?


In Part 1 of my simple system to regularly win money in the low-entry games on Poker Stars I described how I used an ultra-cautious approach where my main priority was to stay in the game. This is Part 2 of the system.

So my main priority is to stay in the game. I like the 45 player games and my aim is to get to the final table. I don't need to be chip leader, I just need to get there.

In order to get to the final table I play premium hands, unless my chips are seriously running out. Normally this isn't needed as I get enough good hands to keep my chips topped up.

When I do get a premium hand (AA, KK QQ or AK) I play it aggressively. I know I need to knock other players out of the hand in case they get lucky but I'm happy to play my premium hand against one opponent as there's a high percentage chance I'm going to take down the pot. So the idea is to raise all but one or two opponents at the most out of the pot.

There are a few good players at the $3 and $6 tournaments, but there are many, many more poor players and I don't want the poorer players to limp in and get lucky. The more of them that are in for the flop, the better chance one of them will make a big hand.

More next week!