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Poker Websites

Our linking policy is currently that we do not exchange links. In line with current best practises for SEO, Love-Texas-Holdem has decided to follow Google's guidelines and stop the exchange of links between our site and others.

Any future linking will be done as part of a contextual link in a poker article or web page and not as a stand alone link which is easily detected by Google and reflects badly on the website.

We also link out to Poker websites carefully chosen and recommended by us. Each site featured on this page has to be a quality site that we have visited and feel would be of benefit to you, our visitor and not just a random link.


Our linking policy :- If you have a poker websites that you feel would be a good linking partner for Love-Texas-Holdem.com and you would like to exchange links to our site, please ensure that your site complies with the following guidelines for inclusion.

1. Most importantly to become one of our recommended sites your site must be about poker or a closely related subject.
2. Your site should have good quality content.
3. Your link page must not consist of hundreds of random non-related links, only relevant links are acceptable.
4. Page rank isn't such a big deal as long as the rest of the conditions above are OK. If you've got a 4 or more, fantastic! If you've got a new site but are building great content then the page rank should follow in time, so our policy is not to get too hung up on page rank.
5. You need to provide a high quality, unique and free article for use on this site with your desired keywords incorporated into the article.

If your site fits in with the above and you want to submit an article,  please send an email to lovetexasholdem @ gmail.com to request a link