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Poker Sites

Poker sites update:

Since this page was first written in 2007, the face of online poker has changed beyond all recognition. The main reason for the change was of course the US government's ban on online poker, a decision which has changed the face of the game for ever.

People have lost their businesses, lost their jobs, lost their homes, not because they have lost at poker online, but because the US ban has killed off a large part of the online poker world.

However although it is down, it has never been out and poker online is flourishing in certain places where it is still legal, and indeed some poker sites are still serving American customers. There is extensive rumour that there may yet be a turnaround in attitude by the new US administration and online poker may again be allowed - we live in hope.

So while some of the details below have changed, there are still some poker sites that are going strong. We will be updating this page to reflect the changes, please check back!

Poker sites are growing in number every month, there's a constant increase in places you can go to play poker online. Almost everywhere you look there is a new poker website starting up trying to get in on the act, but unfortunately they aren't all as they seem. You are well advised to stick to the popular well known sites at least until you've been around on the poker internet scene for a while.

The following are some of the best poker websites available, all are honest, well established and 100% trustworthy.

Since the legislation was introduced Poker Stars has become the biggest poker site on the planet. Party Poker, Poker Room and other leading players of the day fell into line but Poker Stars stood firm and carried on accepting players from the US. ...more about Poker Stars

Join the site with the biggest poker stars in the game! Full Tilt Poker has Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen and Tom "Durrrr" Dwan. ...more about Full Tilt Poker


32Red Poker is the fastest growing poker site from the UK, great freerolls,great tournaments and the chance to watch yourself playing poker on TV! ...more about 32Red Poker

Bovada is the new home of internet poker for US players, it's a fairly new site but it is has well-established credentials as it's linked to Bodog which has been around for a while itself. ...more about Bovada Poker

Empire Poker has daily freerolls and is part of the biggest poker group on the internet along with Party Poker. ...more about Empire Poker