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Poker Freeroll News March 2006

This archive is March 2006's Love-Texas-Holdem online poker newsletter, in which we talked about all things related to poker including details of the best poker rooms and poker tournaments on the internet.

Ladbrokes is Europe's biggest and most respected betting organization. They have moved into the world of poker and now have a very successful online poker operation that is among the biggest in Europe.

Ladbrokes Poker have a daily freeroll at 3:05pm EST with a very nice $500 prize pool added.

Click Here to play poker at Ladbrokes


There was another huge $10K invitation only freeroll tournament that I let you in on at Noble Poker.

Play poker at Spin Palace Poker and get $50 bonus free!

I'm not sure why I got an invitation, I don't play a lot at Noble Poker so maybe everybody got one, although with only 183 signed up for the tournament so far I would doubt that!

Anyway, what I would recommend is that you sign up for an account at Noble Poker right away. You might get an invitation to this tournament, but if not they are actively involved in aggressively promoting the site and may well run more freerolls like this in the future for real money players. You don't need to spend much money, just put in the minimum deposit.

Also, there's a $1000 freeroll open to new players at Noble Poker so get over there and sign up now!

Click Here for more information on Noble Poker


Last week's featured site was Spin Palace Poker who run two daily freerolls that don't have any entry requirements. They also have a further three daily freerolls at 00:00, 05:45 & 19:30 EST but you need to have played 100 raked hands to qualify for these.

Play poker at Spin Palace Poker and get $50 bonus free!

Click here for more information on Spin Palace Poker.


Update on Poker.com. There are some tremendous freerolls on the Poker.com site for those that play the site regularly. Here's details of the big prizes on offer:

$20,000 Weekly FreerollEvery Sunday at 14:00 EST, Poker.com holds a $20,000 freeroll for players that have earned at least 2000 comp points in the previous 7 days.$4000 FreerollsOn Mondays and Wednesday nights at 18:00 EST, Poker.com holds a $4000 freeroll for all members that have earned at least 1500 comp points in the previous 7 days.$500 Daily Initial Depositors FreerollMake an initial deposit at Poker.com and you will gain a coupon valid for 7 days entry into our daily $500 initial depositors freeroll.

As well as the above, there are $100 Freerolls every 3 hours that are open to all Poker.com members.


The live links in the newsletter have been disabled, but Click Here to see our top recommendation!

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