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Freeroll Poker Site

Freeroll poker site of the moment just has to be Poker Room - This is the best online poker freeroll action on the whole internet at the moment.

There are some completely mad players registered here and you would do well to approach the chat section of the freeroll with a very broad mind - or don't go near it at all! Some of the language, especially as it gets towards starting time for the freeroll (See our Freeroll poker site timetable for full details of timings) can be very "industrial" as they say. Hint - Don't hit F4 to register, in fact ignore all advice from the chat room!
Poker Room recently increased the maximum number of players for each freeroll poker tournament to 2400 from 2200, due to popular demand. This means that although it is probably the biggest and best freeroll poker site, it is extremely hard to win. Amazingly however, the event is nearly always completely booked out within 10 minutes of opening.

Other sites that are recommended for top online poker freeroll tournament action are:-

Absolute Poker - Although the prizes may not be too great, the freerolls are very frequent with 15 per day, one an hour at peak times.
EmpirePoker - A great site for freeroll poker tourneys, two tournaments daily with $500 prize fund and 500 poker players allowed in each.

For LOADS more freerolls, see our free newsletter on the home page. You'll find it at: