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Poker Freeroll News February 2006

This is Love-Texas-Holdem's online poker newsletter which first appeared in February 2006. In the newsletter's run of nearly 3 years we discussed some of the best poker rooms on the internet as well as poker tournaments and all things related to poker.

Planet Poker has three freerolls per day at 1:30am, 5:00am and 11:00am (who decides these times!). The 1:30am and 5:00am tournaments are No Limit Texas Holdem but they mix it up a bit on Tuesday and Thursday with the 11:00am freeroll to include stud and Omaha. They are open to a maximum of 400 players.

Something new - a $500 freeroll that doesn't fill up! Holdem Poker are part of the same group as Poker Room (the table graphics are even the same for those of you familiar with Poker Room) and they run a $500 freeroll every day at 6:00pm EST (18:00). Amazingly these tournaments don't seem to fill up, there's 2000 places available but recent numbers have been down under the 1000 mark.

As well as the $500 freeroll, there's a nice "Aussie friendly" daily $100 "mini-freeroll" at 10:00am EST. These are even less popular, probably because of the time they run and the lower prize fund - there are often less than 500 players in the tourney.

Poker Heaven run a daily freeroll at 1:00pm EST (13:00). The prize pool is a not too bad $200 and the top prize is $50. As well as this daily tournament, they run a Saturday $50 freeroll at 10:20pm (22:20) and a Monday night game for rookie players who have played at least one raked hand in the previous week.

These "rookie" freerolls often give you a great chance of getting in the money, they are only for new players to the site and even then a lot of them don't turn up for the freeroll. You only need to place a minimum deposit of $20 in your account and play one hand to qualify for this $300 freeroll, so why not join up and have a go tomorrow?

PokerChamps is the place to go if you want to be sure of getting a freeroll starting soon! There's a poker freeroll starting every two hours on the site and registration is half an hour before the game starts.

You won't get rich on the proceeds, with the prize pool at $35 but it's the place to go if you're starting out and need some tournament practice - and you don't want to wait six hours for a freeroll to start.


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