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Poker Freeroll News September 2005

Love-Texas-Holdem's online poker newsletter from September 2005. We brought you details of the best online poker sites, poker rooms and poker tournaments on the internet in it's initial run of almost 3 years.

Freerolls from Fair Poker, they've got two freerolls daily and pay out $100 in each one. In addition they've got a $1000 weekly freeroll on a Sunday that you can qualify for by finishing in the Top 3 of any of the scheduled tournaments. Click here to go to Fair Poker.

New freerolls from Hollywood Poker, these guys pay out up to $17,500 every week on freerolls and must be worth checking out! As well as regular unrestricted freerolls they have $250 freerolls that you can join just by registering as a real money player. Click here to go to Hollywood Poker.

New freerolls from Poker.com a site with some fantastic unique features like instant payout to your Neteller account. $100 freerolls every two hours throughout the day and a daily $3000 freeroll! Click here to go to Poker.com

Have you checked out Everest Poker's SINGLE TABLE Cash Freerolls? The idea here is that you win and keep doubling your prize until it's worth having, you can go from zero to $80 in only eight single table wins. There 6 player tables and 10 player tables available, look for the "Shasta" tables in Real Money -> Single Table Tournaments and find a table with a $0-$0 buy in. Click here to go to Everest Poker

There are no live links in the news items, but not to worry, time has moved on and this is what we think is the best poker site around at the moment.

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