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Poker Freeroll News December 2005

This is Love-Texas-Holdem's poker newsletter from December 2005. We brought you details of the best poker rooms, online poker sites and poker tournaments on the internet in it's initial run of almost 3 years.

The following section is about the now defunct Poker Room Lucky Dollar tournament and I wrote a piece about how easy it is to do well in it. Although the tourney has gone the information is still valid and will give you a good idea how to win similar online tournaments:-

There's a tournament that I've been playing recently which isn't quite a freeroll but hardly costs anything to enter. Rather than take up too much space here, I've put the details on a separate page that you can see here.By the way I've had TREMENDOUS success in this tournament, with two wins, a second and a third in the last four nights!

Poker Room Lucky Dollar is a great alternative to freeroll tournaments that only costs $1 to enter and is very like a freeroll in format. The best thing about the Lucky Dollar is that there's some great prize money!

It's also a VERY easy tournament to do well in and reach the money stages, I've written a new article to tell you EXACTLY how I do it time after time, please check it out if you're interested in the chance of turning a dollar into hundreds!

Click here to find out EXACTLY how to reach the money stages of the Lucky Dollar!

I told you a few weeks ago about Hollywood Poker, did you sign up for an account with them? If you're one of the lucky ones who did you're in for a treat - they have announced a $5000 freeroll that all depositing players who have been active on the site in the 90 days before November 30th 2005 can enter, 5pm EST today.

32Red Poker have announced a regular new Friday freeroll, prize fund $320.

Canbet are a well established online bookmakers with a poker room. There are several daily freerolls available, but watch out for the big one on a Monday which has a great $1000 prize fund. Click here for more information about CanBet.

Kiwi Poker is a relatively new poker site which has some good freerolls. Some of these are "rebuys" which I know a lot of freeroll players don't like but the rebuys boost the prize fund and you don't need to pay to enter, so if you play well it's a good thing. There's more money to take off your opponents! As well as those shown there's also a $300 daily freeroll at 5:30pm that you need to have played 100 raked hands to enter.

Multi Poker concentrate on "Turbo" freerolls which are great for fast action. The blinds are raised a lot more frequently than typical freerolls so it means that the tournaments take a lot less time than normal.There's four freerolls daily and you can play them by clicking here.

There are no live links in the news items, but our current recommendation is in our opinion the best poker site for internet poker around today.


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