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How to reach the money stages of the Poker Room Lucky Dollar

The Lucky Dollar was a multi-table poker tournament run by the sadly now defunct online giant, Poker Room. It is a reflection of how quickly the online poker world changes when a massive and highly popular site such as Poker Room can go out of business altogether.

The following is a description of the recommended strategy to use at the Luck Dollar tournament and although this particular tourney is no longer available, the strategy still holds good for any similar game where there are a large number of players and a low buy-in.


It takes place at 4:00pm EST every day except Saturday, when it is at 3:00pm. Saturday is the big one with $2500 added to the prize money giving a total prize fund of $4500 if all of the 200 places are filled - which they usually are.waTo win money at the Lucky Dollar, there is one playing style that you need to adopt. Throw out all your preconceived ideas, forget everything you've learned up till now and play TIGHT-AGGRESSIVE poker.

What's that? well, tight means you only play the BIG hands, and aggressive means that when you DO land a big hand, you bet it very strongly.

Forget calling with Jack, 8 or Queen 6. You just don't do it. Let the rest of them call and raise each other with these types of hand while you sit back and wait for a biggie. It may be a bit boring not being as involved with the game as you are probably used to but it is what you need to do to reach the money stages.

Nothing else works CONSISTENTLY like playing tight-aggressive poker at this tournament.

ONLY play the following hands, especially in the early stages:AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10,10, AK, AQ, AJ, A10, KQ, KJ.

With any other pairs, call to see the flop but check/fold if you don't hit triples. With suited connectors QJ, J10, 10 9, 9 8 call to see the flop and check/fold unless you hit a straight or flush draw.

Don't try and slow play big hands unless you land the absolute nuts, too often the river will beat a big hand at Poker Room and there's always somebody who will be calling a big raise with 9 4 only to land a full house.

When you do get a big hand, your job is to force your opponents out of the pot so bet big. Generally their aim will be just to stay in the tournament, especiallly as you get near the money so a big bet will scare them off. If however you get re-raised be VERY sure you have the best hand or be prepared to fold.

That's all there is to it, follow these simple guidelines and you will reach the money stages of Lucky Dollar more often than not.

Article by Ian McIntosh of Love Texas Holdem Please feel free to use this poker article on your website, newsletter or blog as long as this resource box is left intact and there's a live link to the site.

© 2011 Love-Texas-Holdem.com - Lucky Dollar

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