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Poker Freeroll News July 2006


32Red Poker is running a "Bad Beat Jackpot" which to be honest is nothing at all to do with freerolls but I thought you might be interested in giving it a go. The prize fund is now over $102,000 and it must be due to be won shortly.

The idea is that you win the money if you get beaten while holding a hand of four 8s or better. There are lots of terms and conditions attached but my advice is simple - don't worry about them! The $102K+ is a big enough incentive to make this worth playing a few hands and taking your chances.

The money will be won some time so it might as well be you that's winning it!


CD Poker have three scheduled daily freerolls, details below in the timetable. 

But the big news for members is that we've got a members EXCLUSIVE $100 freeroll next Sunday (July 16th) at CD Poker and you're all invited. ONLY members of this newsletter can enter so there's a great chance of a prize for you.

If you haven't got an account at CD poker yet sign up now - just click the banner below.

Tournament details:
In the CD Poker client, click Tournaments, then click Scheduled. Look for the one that says "I Love holdem".

Password for the tournament is: love

Good Luck!


Bet Fred Poker has a great deal going on at the moment for those of you who aren't 100% dedicated to getting their poker absolutely free. If you enter any of their GP tournaments you get automatic entry into a big $1000 daily freeroll.
The GP games have tremendous prizes with top place payouts of many hundreds of dollars down to $20+ for the minor placings (all prizes determined by the Bet Fred prize structure and number of entrants). The other great thing is that there doesn't seem to be all that many entrants so your chance of a top placing is greatly increased. It's got to be worth $5.50 to give it a try!

Here's the GP tournament schedule for the World Cup Freeroll:
12:00 EST $2500 GP ($10 + $1 entry)
13:15 EST $2000 GP ($5 + $0.50 entry)
14:30 EST $2750 GP ($10 + $1 entry)
15:30 EST $7500 GP ($10 + $1 entry)

Enter any of the above tournaments and you get entry to the $1000 freeroll at 17:00 daily (registration is 2 hours prior to the event).


Games Grid Poker has a very interesting looking site, there is a big $2000 freeroll on a Sunday at 14:00 EST but there is an entry requirement of 500 raked hands at $0.05 or more. The really unusual feature though is that you can get an extra 1000 chips by playing another 500 raked hands.

$600 first prize, $380 second and $280 for third! I think this has to be worth a go. If you are playing 500 x 5 cent raked hands, the most you could ever lose would be $25, even if you didn't get any of it back at all. That is highly unlikely to happen so it makes it a very cheap entry for a tournament with such great prizes and a very low entry rate. Another thing - all players who make the final table get a free pass into the next week's tournament.

They run smaller freerolls all the time, I haven't spent too much time there but they seem to be running every hour. Although they have very small prizes of $10 - $25, the entry is extremely low - often under 20 players. 

It's a different looking site to a lot of the others - which tend to be run by big conglomerates - so it's a nice change. The site is a bit more basic than others and no doubt they will get swallowed up by a big organization as soon as the site gets more popular.

They also offer a backgammon game which some of you might be interested in. It's been so long since I last played backgammon that the only things  remember are the doubling dice and paring off (or is it pairing off?). 

Games Grid are offering a 200% bonus on signups at the moment so this is a great time to get in.


A message from one of the members got me thinking. Paul wrote to me and said,

"Ian, I get your freeroll updates and love them. Been turned on to many fine sites. In addition to your service of telling about good sites, you should inform us about bad sites. One such site is ProtoPoker.com. I have been playing during their Beta testing stages and have participated in many freerolls and used the winnings to play ring games (which they rake). Currently they owe me and others many $ from freerolls won or placed in but will not apply them and will not answer our e-mails. I have become suspicious and asked them how to withdraw money and can get no answer. I'm sure your members would like to know."

Now first of all I just love getting feedback like this, it shows me at least somebody is reading these messages! Secondly and more importantly, this could become a valuable resource for you.

Have you played at ProtoPoker? Do you have any experiences like Paul's, there or at any other poker site? Or on the other hand have you had any great experiences at freeroll tournaments?

I'd love to hear from you if you have. Just jot down anything at all in the form below and I'll feature them, if I get enough response I'll create a separate page for it. 

If I get a really good response I'll be able to sit with my feet up for the summer. (Joking of course!)

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