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Poker Freeroll News April 2006

The archive from April 2005 of Love-Texas-Holdem's online poker newsletter . During it's initial run of 3 years, the newsletter had details on all the best poker sites, online poker rooms and poker tournaments on the internet.

Absolute Poker has announced that they will be running a massive $250,000 freeroll. The details are not even up on the Absolute Poker site yet, but I have been advised that if you don't have an account yet you need to get one NOW by clicking on the banner below and signing up.

Feeling lucky??

This is going to be massive and details will be released on May 3rd. So get in and sign up for your free account now to make sure you're in place for the announcement.


Mermaid Poker is a site from poker star Gus Hansen's homeland of Denmark. All of the Scandinavian countries have a strong interest in poker and you can expect to see more sites like this emerging in the future. The site is a kind of co-operative venture, being owned by 262 Danish poker players, all of whom have a common goal of "creating a great poker site by players for players"


They have some great freerolls going with a stated prize pool of $2900 per week, although $1000 of this is taken up by a freeroll that you need to have 25 raked hands to enter. The 25 raked hand minimum is very easy to achieve however - especially considering Mermaid are offering $100 bonus on deposits. There's also a daily $200 freeroll and a weekly $500 game. Click here for more details on Mermaid Poker

Subscriber Success Story!

"I came 12th in Canbets' $10,000 guaranteed! I rebought and added on once only, and although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, when we got to the last 2 tables the blinds were so high it became a bit of an all-in fest. I was chip leader in the later stages many times, but the all in aspect made it difficult to play 'tight'. Thanks Ian, and KUTGW!"

-- Andy, Poker Freeroll Update subscriber


Poker333 is a site that you might have hear of through it's TV advertising campaign. They've invested heavily in the site to try and compete with the big boys and the results are pretty good. There's a great video tutorial (strictly for beginners only though!) and you can also watch their TV ad.Poker333 has a very generous $1000 daily freeroll, with no entry requirements as well as other $200 freeroll games during the day.

Online Poker

There's a great $100 free promotion at Poker 333 right now where you can get a real $100 to cash out after you've played a qualifying number of hands. The nice thing about Poker333's offer compared to others is the fact that once you qualify for the bonus, it's there for you in hard cash. Click here to go to Poker333 now!


I brought you big news of a $1 entry $10K tournament from Canbet, there were only just over 200 players registered at the time I brought you the news so if you wanted to you'd have got into the tournament in plenty of time.I hope you made it to the final table if you did get in - let me know! - See Andy's success story above!

There's no longer any live links to the news items in the newsletter, but Click Here to see what we think is the best poker site online.

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