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Poker Freeroll News September 2007

Sites where USA players can STILL play poker online!

Newsletter Survey - The results are in!

A big thanks to all of you who took the trouble to write replies to the newsletter survey, the response was very good and quality of feedback I got was extremely helpful.

To be honest, there were so many good quality efforts that it was impossible to pick one out as the outright winner, so what I decided to do was put all of the entries into a draw and pick out a winner from them.

Here are the best of the replies:

Question 1 --- What Do you like about the newsletter?
its very informative,i found freerolls i would never have found without u,this site rocks :) --- layton
It is a good source for poker sites and freerolls. You update the info often and good a good job of keeping ontop of anything thats going on . --- David
What do I like - well the price is great! Just kidding - we all appreciate all the hard work you put into producing the newsletter. I do promote your newsletter in the poker community here in London. It's great for newbies to help them learn to play at no cost, for people (including me) trying out new sites, and for building a bankroll from scratch. Your unselfish efforts in producing it also encourages other people to give back to the poker world and help other players for free. --- Adrian
I love the fact that the decision to join a freeroll that I would not have necessarily known about is being brought to my attention. It gives me a chance to see other poker sites that I would not know about either. I am a big boy and can make my own decisions as to whether I want to contribute to the poker site or not. It is ultimately up to each and every one of us what we do. I thank you for taking the time, and I am sure there is a lot involved in it, to make sure we are updated on any and all new poker sites, new freerolls and new ways to stretch our dollar at the poker tables. Keep up the GREAT week and keep the news a comin.  --- Dave Reid
the news letter is a good tool for finding out where the freerolls are --- jeff
Lets me know all the freerolls,and I play alot of them. Thanks --- Randy Crabtree
I like the fact that the newsletter is constantly updated.  It is well-organized and easy to follow. --- Robyn
Making your subscribers aware of new sites and also letting the US Players know if they are welcome. --- Ed
informative, not too long and has made me aware of some great offers that I would have missed otherwise --- Adrian
good call for poker heaven...euro freerolls next month look really interesting :)) p.s and it also is a great site...looks a bit like celeb poker tho :)) --- layton
everything - you do not need to change it - i look forward to it even though I rarely play freerolls its great info --- richie

Question 2 --- What Don't you like about the newsletter?


badly formatted, sometimes misleading ('freeroll' requiring points etc), but minor quibbles when compared to the advantages- havent found a better newsletter out there! (3 others I get suck in comparison) --- Adrian
I hate signing up at a site just to find out that I cant play for real money because I am from America and worse Jersey....I read your page and think I found a new place to play download the site go to set up an account and I am denied or sign up go to a table and am denied...It wold be nice if you stated right at the begining Americans or not.  --- David
the font! (joking) --- richie
You need to have a a way to get to your site by clicking on your address in your e-mail letters --- Randy Crabtree
i like the fact that the news letter comes every sunday just in time for the weekly free rolls --- jeff
What I don't like about the newsletter is that the information is not always correct - especially as it pertains to US players.  There are a few gaming sites that you say accept US players when they do not. --- Robyn
I don't see anything I don't like about the newsletter. You continue to do a fantastic job. Keep it coming please.  --- Dave Reid
Your idea of separating pure freeroll from freerolls with qualifying criteris attached, would save time for those who will not have cash funded accounts. --- Ed
I'm not a fan of entries that have a requirement to play - all sites have some sort of reward system for loyal players, but to call them 'freerolls' is not quite correct. I take your point about people wanting them - but if they are clearly designated as having a condition attached then surely no-one can complain. I think you once mentioned about playing a few raked hands at a very low level to qualify for a huge 'freeroll' - a good point. --- Adrian
nothing,like i said it rocks...any info is good info whether its wot ur looking 4 or not  --- layton


Question 3 --- What would you like to see more of in the newsletter?


I would like to see more invitations to special freerolls that are for members only (like you did with 3D poker). --- Robyn
A daily or weekly summary of freerolls as well as maybe adding some private freerolls for you members at various sites for US players. --- Ed
 More on what Americans can play --- Randy Crabtree
free cash and lots of it...dunno...maybe some jokes..lol....only joking    ;-) --- layton
Ian, I also think you should list Player Points Freerolls and any tourneys under $2 entry --- richie (again)
Prehaps a timetable of the weekly freerolls.... --- richie
Could the link in the newsletter please take recipients to the web site? Some of your links are active, but the link to the main site has to be cut and pasted in (well, OK, it's in the browser's Favorites folder - but you get my point). I liked the idea of removing the password. I'd be wary of adding too much more to the newsletter, it says  'Freeroll' on the tin and I'd be wary about adding too much else. Perhaps a different newsletter with a different title to deliver other information would work. Just send it to the same mailing list - I don't think you'd get many people unsubscribing - hey, it might even grow to become bigger than the freeroll newsletter. Best wishes, Adrian. PS: Don't enter me for the prize draw thanks - you've done enough for me - no need to give me money as well! Best Wishes, Adrian Pullar. --- Adrian
it would be nice to see more freerolls and some sites where you get free no deposit money  --- jeff
freerolls! Could also organise/ mention instant bonuses plus any special low buyins with big overlays --- Adrian
More of the same Please.  --- Dave Reid
freeroll passwords --- Szabolcs


And a special thanks to Mark, who couldn't get the form to work but wrote this great reply by email instead:

well i tried to reply to the survey but kept saying i was getting the word wrong? lol anyway to recap i thought site was great or the newsletter.it tells of sites i have and gives me reasons to re open them n log in ie carbon and heaven poker.i  play alot online for cash now and still like a good freeroll to try a site out and graphics and gameplay etc.alot of ppl well cry and whine that they arent really getting sumthin for nuthin with kids these days lol..wah wah... and i find that your letter is very informative not to long not to short  with links that work and your email pops up when i seem to have forgot about it lol and ya good job CIAO.. mark aka yzfgr8one  ---

So there they are, the best of the relies. I don't necessarily agree with all of them but as I  said it's not about me - it's about you and it's great to get genuine opinions whether they are good, bad or indifferent. 

In the interests of fairness I asked my 10 year old daughter Eilidh to pick a number and so the winner of the $20 prize is...(drum roll!)


Congratulations to you Layton, please let me have your Paypal address and I'll get the money paid in right away. All complaints to Eilidh!


By the way I hope a few of you managed to get in to the Ladbrokes $1K freeroll I mentioned on Friday, please let me know if you managed to pick up a prize. As you can tell from the timing of this message, I wasn't among the winners!



If you signed up for Ladbrokes Poker when I featured them a couple of weeks ago - listen up! Even if you didn't take a look at the following because it might be good news for you too.

Dear Ian,

I'm writing to invite you, our affiliates, to the $1,000 Exclusive Monthly Freeroll. All the sign ups who have come through you will be invited and I hope you can make it along too.

If you go to the Ladbrokes Poker Lobby, under the MTT tab and 'Special' section, you will see the "$1,000 Exclusive Monthly Freeroll" - the password is 'September' and it kicks off at 6pm GMT on Sunday, September 30th, 2007.

If you have any queries, please send me an email and I look forward to seeing you there. I will be playing under the username TheBear1971.

Thank you for your continued support and happy poker playing!!!
See you on Sunday.

Now I don't know whether this freeroll is open to new members who sign up today, but if you are interested in Ladbrokes - which is Europe's largest bookmaker - you might as well and see if you get in. I just got the message so I don't have time to contact Ladbrokes before the game.

As of the time of writing this there are only 30 people signed up to play - for a $1000 freeroll!


Fair Poker have added some new freerolls since we last featured them. There's a daily $200 game with $2 rebuys for starters, as well as the $100 tourneys that were already in place.

Fair Poker has it's own loyalty points system and you can buy into additional freerolls using iponts that you have accumulated. These are on Saturdays at 15:30 for the $300 Special and 18:00 for the $500 Omaha Special.

Also there is a $100 daily freeroll for new players, join up and you are good for 90 days in this freeroll. The start time for the beginner's freeroll is 13:00 daily.

If you play any of the big buy-in tournaments at Fair Poker, you'll be able to play in the weekly $1,500 Freeroll every Sunday at 20:00. To enter, you need to have taken part in one of the following:- the Friday $10,000 tournament, the Saturday $15,000 tournament, the Sunday $25,000 tournament or the monthly $100,000 tournament.


Ladbrokes Cruise

Ladbrokes Poker are running a fantastic competition to win a luxury Carribean poker cruise, a prize worth $9000 - and you can win it through their freerolls.

Here's how it works:-

Play the Cruise Freeroll (held each evening except Saturdays) and win a place to the next stage, the Cruise Daily Final ( $95 + $9 buy-in). Top three places qualify.

Qualify from the Daily Final and go forward to the Weekly Final ($900 + $50 buy-in). One place for every $950 in the pot. 

One in every ten players in the weekly final qualify for the big $9000 Cruise Combo ticket. You can take a guest with you and you'll get $1700 paid into your Ladbrokes player account to cover travel expenses for getting to New York on 24th January next year.

Your $9k Cruise Combo ticket includes:

  -  Ocean view balcony cabin for you and your and guest for the 10 day tour.
  -  $1700 travel allowance in cash.
  -  Entry to the Festival of Poker Main Event ($2500).
  -  Hospitality, entertainment and all meals.

Sound good? There's less than 100 cabins left on board the luxury cruise liner ‘Explorer of the Seas’, make sure you're in one of them!


Poker Heaven are running something a little bit different - a poker freeroll league! They are calling it the "European Freeroll Challenge" and as the name suggests it's an international tournament between the countries of Europe.

The tournament itself will consist of leagues for each of the top 15 poker playing countries in Europe and the best players in each of the leagues will go forward to represent their countries in the finals - with the winners being crowned the best poker country in Europe.

The action kicks off in October so you have got plenty of time to register for the event. I would suggest though that if you want to get involved, get over right away and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. There will probably be a cut-off day for registrations where only people who are already members before the date can take part so the sooner you get in the better.

The Newsletter survey:

Thanks to all of you who have replied so far, there's been some good responses. I'm still looking for a few more though so if you'd like the chance to win $20, just jot down something in the form below. You don't need to write a book, just a few words to let me know what's good and bad about the newsletter is all I'm looking for.


Win a PRIZE!

This week I'm going to start off with a bit of a rant - so hold on to your seats!

I've been getting a few emails recently which have been a bit on the negative side to say the least. People have taken the time and effort to write to me to tell me that some of the freerolls I've featured aren't in fact real freerolls - as they requires some sort of pre-qualification.

While I accept that this is the case and these type of tournaments might not be "freerolls" in the purest of forms, I feel that it is still good information. I know for a fact from my statistic pages that a lot of you ARE interested in this type of game so I feel that it is worthwhile bringing it to you.

I try never to ONLY bring you this type of freeroll in a newsletter, whenever there is a freeroll that requires some sort of qualification criteria it is as an extra and there will always be information on "real" freerolls.


It's not about me! It's about you and what kind of information you want me to bring you. I value all of you as subscribers and want to bring you the best information every week, but most of all I want to bring you the information that you want to read.

So, over to you. If you have an opinion on the newsletter, whether it's good or bad, let me know. I will print your replies next week if you take the time to write. So make yourself heard and help to make the newsletter to be what you want to read.

To make the deal a bit sweeter for you, I am going to pay the best reply $20! That's a nice buy-in to a poker tournament or you can just take out the cash and spend it, it's up to you. You will get your prize by Paypal after the winning entry is announced next Sunday.

So get your skates on and get writing! Just fill in the simple form below and tell me what you like and what you don't like about the newsletter and what you'd like to see in future editions.



OK then, here's a great piece of freeroll news:

Tower nGaming is running a great freeroll as a way of compensating it's members for their site having some recent downtime. They are calling it the "10k Player Appreciation Freeroll" and the prize fund is - believe it or not - $10,000!

Now for all of you waiting for a catch, there is one. You need to have a real money account to get in the game. By the way this is urgent, you need to be signed up before 12th September to qualify.


Poker Host is a site that you might not be too familiar with, but it's got some good freerolls available. 

As well as freerolls, Poker Host has a variety of great tournaments where you can win a share of up to a guaranteed $200,000.

Bugsy's Club Poker is available to USA players and has a very interesting tournament that I think you'd like. For only $0.20 + $0.02 (that's a total of only 22 cents!) you can get in to play for a place in a $600 guaranteed minimum rebuy game. The top 10 places win through to the $600 game and the player numbers are VERY low in these tourneys!

OK so it's not entirely free as in a freeroll, but in a lot of ways it's much better. You have an almost one in three chance of reaching the $600guaranteed tournament and a real chance of taking home some worthwhile cash. Oryou could sit in a freeroll for three hours for the chance of a share of $50 andsave yourself the $0.22 entry fee!

Bugsy's Club also have a great $15,000 Loyalty Freeroll tournament that they run. The qualification for this one is 500 BBPs (see site for current details of how to obtain BBPs) which gets you a free entry to the freeroll on  8th September at 2pm CST. Judging by the number of people who have qualified and registered - 640 at the time of writing - it can't be too difficult to collect enough BBPs to play.


I just got a free $10 added to my account at VC Poker! That's right, you get $10 absolutely free just for signing up to a real money account. Here's how to get your FREE $10:

1. Open an account at VC Poker

2. Click on the big button in the middle that says "Download VC Poker Now" 

3. Click on the Run button to install the poker software.

4. Log in and click on the Cashier button. Fill in the form to open a real money account and confirm you email.

5. Log in to the cashier and go to the Promotions tab. Enter the special code " VCFREE35B" in the box, that's it - you're done!

As well as the free $10, you will be awarded $25 in bonus money that you can play tournaments or ring games with. Note that you need to accumulate VC Poker Action Points in order to release the bonus.

Furthermore, there are a whole host of freerolls that you can enter as a beginner when you sign up, you can play these for up to 90 days and there's three freerolls every day. 

And there's more! VC Poker have what they call Giveaway tournaments, you can enter them too and win free cash. Finally there are Action Point freerolls that you get to play for collecting Action Points in the real money games.

Sorry, but VC Poker isn't available to players in USA.