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Poker Freeroll News September 2006

Tropical Poker has no fewer than seven daily poker freerolls, with a prize pool of $300. The flagship game is a $100 freeroll at Midnight EST daily.

These tournaments fill up quickly so be sure to get there early.


Cake Poker is a new poker site with a unique concept. Like a lot of other poker sites it has just started, but it has some great ideas that sets it apart. Cake Poker is willing to give away slices of "the cake!" to 3 lucky winners in January. What that means is that it is giving shares in the actual site itself, and when the sites grows, your slice of the cake grows too. In real terms you effectively own shares in the company, and who knows how much they could end up being worth in the future?

Also, unlike a lot of other new poker sites Cake Poker has had it's own proprietary software designed, it's not a skin (clone) of any other site. They've got some unique features like the ability to email your hand so that you can analyze it, and also the facility to change your nickname to outfox tracking software.

So why not sign up to play one of the many freerolls at Cake Poker and win a slice of the cake!


Poker Hour is a surprisingly popular site with a good deal of activity on it. It tends to be more European based so the daily freeroll is at 18:00 GMT (UK time). This equates to 13:00 or 1pm in Eastern time, so if you're around at that time it is certainly worth a go. 

The sign up time for registration is two hours before the game and the maximum number of players is 1000. Top 50 places paid out with the winner picking up $50.


Wingows Poker is one of these new sites with lots of small freerolls. I know these are very popular by the response I got when I told you about Games Grid, and Wingows is the same idea. The prize funds are only $10 and $20, but the nice thing is that the freerolls are limited to only 36 and 48 players so there's a great chance of a prize every time.

The freerolls are every hour for most of the day and registration is 20 minutes before the start of the game. Places fill up quickly so be sure to be there right on time for signing up.


NON-freeroll news:
There are a lot of people who play freerolls that also have real money accounts and love LOW BUY-IN tournaments. Low buy-in poker tournaments are better than freerolls in a lot of ways, they are MUCH easier to enter and the prizes are far better than you get in freerolls.

One of the absolute best sites for low buy-in tournaments is Bugsy's Club

One of the best on the net for low cost buy-ins with great guarantees, for example you can get into a $100 guaranteed tournament for only $0.10!


PokerSchool Online is a unique site created by man and wife team Mark and Tina Napolitano. In the five years that they have been operating, PokerSchool Online members have won more than 1.5 million in live tournaments. They are happy to put that success down to what they have learned at PokerSchool Online. 

PSO offer sponsorships to live tournaments to their top players and teach poker so that students can learn without bursting their bank. The playing  environment is like that of real money sites, and members can track their progress through leagues and various other competitions. 

PokerSchool Online's instructors are some of the best in the world of poker. They walk the walk, as well as being top teachers they are also top poker players.


There's a lot of action out there in the low-cost tournaments, which to my mind are even better than freerolls. Poker Room's Lucky Dollar tournament is the best $1 you'll ever spend on a poker site!

I played it last night and I must say that the chances of getting into the money are VERY high. I finished up in 11th place and was absolutely gutted not to have done a LOT better.

If you want to see what happened, along with screenshots for proof, click here

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