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Poker Room Lucky Dollar Tournament

The Poker Room Lucky Dollar Tournament is the best low-entry multi table tournament on the internet. It costs just $1 to enter and you can win hundreds of dollars.

I played the tournament on Saturday August 27th 2006 and finished in 11th place, but should have done MUCH better!


The picture show that I was chip leader, with only 15 players left! I continued in the lead until we were down to 11 players, here's another shot of me still in first place...


The sickening thing is I lost ALL my chips to crash out in 11th - and there was nothing I could have done about it!

I got dealt pocket Aces against the chip leader (I had slipped to 2nd at that point) who had Q J offsuit. I was in great shape and when I made a big pre-flop raise I was delighted to see him call.

The flop saw him land a pair of Queens, ideal for me as he went all-in. I immediately called and was a massive leader with my Aces, 82% to 18%. The turn didn't help either of us then DISASTER! The river produced another Queen and I was out.

The guy almost doubled his stack to over 600,000 and had three times as many chips as the second placed player going into the final table. I didn't stick around to see if he won!

Anyway the point of all of this is that the Poker Room Lucky Dollar is a fantastic tournmaent that is better in most ways than a freeroll.

- There's a much bigger prize pool.
- There is less competition for places so you can nearly always get in.
- There aren't as many idiots (the ones who always catch a straight with their 7 4!!).

This is the next step up from a freeroll and is HIGHLY recommended. Play the Poker Room Lucky Dollar

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