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Poker Freeroll Timetable


This is the timetable for poker freerolls. To use it, click on the time of day you want to get information for.

Times shown are Eastern Time, Pacific Time is -3 hours, UK time +5 hours. 

Morning Freeroll Times:
00:01 - 03:00
03:01 - 06:00
06:01 - 09:00
09:01 - 12:00

Afternoon Freeroll Times:
12:01 - 15:00
15:01 - 18:00

Evening Freeroll Times:
18:01 - 21:00
21:01 - 00:00

R.I.P. Sadly no longer with us - Jet Set Poker 

If you need a bit of help with your poker freerolls, here are a few tips and tricks from the pages of Love-Texas-Holdem.com:-

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Good luck with your freerolls!