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Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer (The Fossilman) may be an unfamiliar name to you and you might be forgiven for not knowing who he is, but Greg is in fact the 2004 World Series of Poker Champion, an event he won after entering through PokerStars. Raymer got his unusual nickname after selling fossils to other players as card protectors at poker events.

Greg Raymer was was born in 1964 in North Dakota and traveled around with his Air Force father before settling in Missouri. A very well educated and highly qualified guy, Greg worked as a patent attorney before giving up as he decided he just didn’t like litigation! His 2004 success allowed him to make a full time living from poker.

But, Greg’s real story begins online at the place he gained the skill and knowledge of the game. PokerStars.com was where he won his seat into the World Series of Poker event. He says he planned to play the tournament regardless of this though. He had entered and lost it all the previous two years. In 2004, he claims that skill and a measure of luck helped him to win the big jackpot. At 5,000,000 dollars, it was the largest in the history of the tournament.

Prior winnings include for Greg placing 12th at the World Series of Poker in April of 2001 at $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better. He also placed 3rd in 2002 at $300 No Limit Hold’em in the World Poker Finals. He placed 4th in August of 2004 at The gaming Club World Poker Championship. In September of 2004, he took 5th place in No Limit Hold’em’s Tournament of Champions at the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions.

He ranks 1st on the 2004 Money List, World Series of Poker All Time Money List and 2nd on the All Time List.

Greg is now an itinerant poker professional and works for PokerStars as their paid representative, which allows him to travel all over the world to play many of the major poker tournaments.

Greg is a force that will need to be contended with over the next years. While he claims luck helped him win it big in 2004, skill played a large role as well.


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