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Victoria Coren | Texas Holdem poker player

Victoria Coren is one of the most interesting players on the professional scene, having started playing small games with friends and almost falling into professional poker by accident. She is currently ranked the 4th best female poker player in Europe.

Daughter of former Punch editor Alan Coren She is a journalist by profession and has worked with several high profile UK publications including The Observer and The Guardian. First seen on UK TV show "Late Night Poker", Vicky took on the big boys and won.

After gaining invaluable experience against some of the best players in the game, Coren realised that she had become a match for them and could hold her own with the best Texas Holdem players around. Her coy smile belied a razor sharp mind that often outfoxed her more salubrious opponents.

She attributes much of her success as a poker player to the fact that men always underestimate her - especially when it comes to bluffing. For some reason, she says, men tend to assume that a woman will play it straight and only bet if she actually has a hand.

Victoria Coren's more diverse activities include being the co-author of "Once More With Feeling", a hilarious book charting her experiences as an "adult" film director - it should be noted that this was a one-off and purely in the interests of research, she has no plans to do it again!

Victoria has now written a poker book and is a respected commentator on the game, as well as being involved with the Paradise Poker website.

Update September 2006
Victoria has just become the first ever woman to win 500,000 on the European Poker Tour. It is the first world class international poker tournament that she has won, but despite her success and new found wealth, she is not ready to become a full-time professional poker player.

2006 Love-Texas-Holdem.com Victoria Coren

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