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Rakeback is one of the most crucial factors in your quest for success as a poker player on the internet. You need to understand how it works and more importantly how you can use rake back to your advantage so that you can profit, it takes more than being just an above average player to become a winner in online poker. The reason for this is the rake, which is a fee that poker rooms charge from the pots played. It’s normally a small percentage of the pot, but when you are paying out from your stack on every hand little amounts start to grow into a crippling loss and can put you out of the game, in the end it adds up to a lot of money that is on the line.

When you think about it,the rake is the only that online poker rooms can make any money. Unlike a real-life casino where the players are playing against the house, online poker players put up money to bet against each other. In online poker the casinos take a small percentage - at the moment it's generally about 5% - of the pot as the "rake".

The one way you can use to "beat the system" and save money on poker rake costs is by using rakeback.

The rake is an especially crucial factor in low limit games. Normally, around 5% is taken out of pots that reach a certain size, and normally the rake is capped at around $3. This means that you, relative to your winnings, lose more in rakeback bonus when you play at lower limits. For example, if you play $2/$4 limit hold’em and win a $40 pot, the rake will be $2, which is the full 5% of the pot size. If you play in a $100/$200 game and win $1,500 the rake will be higher, $3, but it won’t even be one percent ($15) of the total pot. A lot of poker players find the low limit games unbeatable because of this.

This is why you should get a poker rakeback deal. With a rakeback deal you get a part of the rake you pay to the poker rooms back into your account. If you have a 40% rake back deal and rake $1,500 per month it can add $600 to your bankroll. It is a way for you to minimize the poker rooms’ edge and make it possible for you to beat the low limit games.

To get great deals on rakebacks, you simply sign up to a poker room through a rakeback affiliate. The rakeback deals vary a lot. Some poker rooms actually offer poker rakeback directly, but these deals are usually not as good as the ones offered by rakeback affiliates. You want to look for the best deal possible – it’s a good and safe way to increase your bankroll.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you can’t open a rakeback account if you already have an account with the poker room in question. If you want to continue playing against the same players, but with rakeback, you should try to find another room in the same network, one that offers a very good rakeback deal.