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Poker Room Team Tournaments

Poker Room Team Tournaments have arrived!

In the most innovative and exciting breakthrough in internet poker for years, Poker Room has announced the arrival of Team Tournaments. You can join a team of up to ten players, or create one of your own with your poker friends.

Why not turn your regular Friday night home team game players into a team and go for it!

Teams consist of a minimum of five players and a maximum of ten and compete in Team Leagues or in Team Eliminators for cash prizes. They are created by the Team Manager, who can invite people into his team or accept players in who ask to be in the team. The Team Managerís job is to assign players to play in matches and to sign the team up for itís various activities.

Buy-ins to the events that the team takes place in are paid for collectively by the team, but each individual team player is responsible for his or her own buy-ins to matches that they actually take part in.

League Tournaments

Poker Room Team Tournament leagues are made up of several rounds, each of which have several players playing simultaneously. The team pays a buy-in to enter the league - which varies according to number of teams in the league, number of rounds and whether the rounds are daily or weekly.

Take for example a Poker Room Team Tournament 20 team league. The tournament would be made up of ten rounds with each round being five simultaneous matches. Each poker match would be a multi-table game with one player from each of the twenty teams playing.

Winning prize money will be made up of the total buy-ins paid by each team and will be paid out after all the ten rounds are complete.

Team Eliminators

In the Team Eliminator competitions, teams battle against each other in a heads-up match. A player is nominated to represent the team in each round and plays against an opponent from another team. The winning playerís team marches on to the next round while the loser is out. In this way half of the teams are eliminated at each round.


Players contribute to a communal Team Wallet which is essentially a bank with the team funds in it. Poker Room have some rules as to the arranging of these funds but basically your share of the Team Wallet is determined by how much you have contributed to the wallet and how you have performed in the Poker Room League Tournaments.

There are some great stats available for the competitions and you can follow your teamís progress throughout each stage of the tournament.

ConclusionThis is a major innovation in online poker and a very bold move by Poker Room. In itís absolute infancy at the moment, itís hard to say what kind of response there will be to Team Tournaments but well done to Poker Room for bringing a genuine alternative and something so new and different.

Click here to play Poker Room Team Tournaments!

Article by Ian McIntosh of www.Love-Texas-Holdem.com. Check out the site for all the latest information on Texas Holdem tournaments and freerolls.Please feel free to use this article as long as there is a live link to the site and this box is left intact.

© 2005 Love-Texas-Holdem.com - poker room team tournaments

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