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Poker Rebuy Strategy Part 2

Love-Texas-Holdem recommends AbsolutePoker - the BEST site for USplayers

In Part 1 we took a look at the reasons why you would want to rebuy back into a poker tournament. Here are a few more reasons.

Poker Rebuy Strategy Part 2

3. Are you within sight of your opponents chip counts?
If you rebuy and get sat 1500 chips, is it going to be enough to give you a chance against the chips your opponents are holding? If you are too far behind you will probably get blinded out before you get the chance to land a winning hand and your rebuy will have been in vain.

4. Do you WANT to carry on?
Have you still got the mental desire to get back into the game and start over again? Or has your early exit left you dispirited and feeling that you should just leave well enough alone and try your luck another time?

The very knowledge that players can rebuy back into the game often influences their game plan to a great extent, especially when there are multiple or unlimited rebuys. In this instance there tends to be a bit of a betting frenzy in the early stages as there is an opportunity to get back in even after losing an all-in.

(This tends to defeat the purpose of an all-in, although it is still good for the player who wins as they will get a good chip boost).

The other side of this type of play however is that a few players can break away with chip stacks which put them in extremely strong positions in the latter stages of the tournament. It is often the case that if you want to stay in contention you need to make some similar plays to keep up with the leaders, or else the blinds will catch up with you and you’ll be out.

Probably as with most things in poker, the biggest consideration with rebuys is value. If you consider that the rebuy fee is worth it in terms of the chance you have of progressing, then you should consider a rebuy. Back to Poker Rebuy Strategy Part 1...

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