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Poker Domination

Poker domination - when poker is concerned, there are several various poker strategies that can be used in different situations. Good poker players will learn to find these situations and improve their strategy to improve. That is one of the keys to becoming a great poker player. There‘s techniques that will defeat some people easily, but may prove to be dangerous against others.

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First off, nearly anyone who plays poker likes playing aggressive. Constantly raise. What many top players who dominate both online and offline poker do is use aggression, but do so in a selective manner. Play really aggressively until you‘re shut down. Afterwards, release your foot off the pedal some until you have a good chance to do so again.

Here is an example what I mean: Let's say you make a pre-flop raise of 4x the big blind and get a call from the button. The flop is of no help. A hard player bets at this point. The middle button gives you a call. You get a middle turn from the pair, and then you get a call from the button after betting again. Many amateurs, at this point, will continue betting and put the nail in their own coffin. But a player capable of poker domination would release here. Something has shown it is working and is sticking with you from the button player. It‘s important to back down and learn to fight another day in this situation.

Small ball is one of the most effective strategies. It originated with poker dominator Daniel Negreanu and you hear this strategy a lot. Basically, focus on small pots instead of getting tied up in big ones. You don’t want to get involved in anything that could cost you too many chips at one time.

Keeping the pot small is what your bets are meant for. Scale it back incase someone has something instead of making huge raises and scaring them off. Wait to see if your challenger hits a monster before assuming you hit the best hand.

You will take down a lot of small pots without putting your chips at risk with this strategy but you can also include aggressive moves occasionally. It isn‘t the easiest strategy to master, but it works well once you understand it.

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