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Full Tilt Poker

Poker Chat with real live professional poker players online!

Poker Chat can improve your game beyond all recognition. There is nothing quite like learning from a professional to improve your skill, and poker is no different from any other skill that you can learn. One of the very best ways to learn or improve your poker game is to listen to a real professional poker player.

Imagine how much better it is when you can even talk to them and get answers to your most burning of poker questions!

That’s how it is at Full Tilt Poker. They have some of the top poker professionals in the world at the site and the great news is that they want to talk to you and help you improve your poker game.

So why not join the superstars of poker in a little bit of chat about the game, people like: Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman, Gus Hansen and Chris Ferguson are all at Full Tilt Poker, ready to talk to you about the game we all love.

Pro Chat allows the online players at Full Tilt to talk directly to these and more than 38 other Poker professionals in both scheduled and impromptu off-the-cuff chat sessions.

Ask them anything you like about poker strategy, their most memorable hands, how the got their worst bad beats or anything else.

Poker chat only available at Full Tilt Poker – Click Here for more information.

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