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Phil Hellmuth | Texas Holdem Poker Champion

Ultimate Bet

Phil Hellmuth is a true giant of poker both offline and online. He has been World Poker Champion and has won millions of dollars playing Texas Holdem Poker.

Phil's style could be described as aggressively psychological, he is a mind game player and will talk all through a game to put his opponents off and bluff them out of the pot.

Hellmuth is the kind of guy who'll announce that he had a pair of aces as he wins the pot with a 9-4 on a complete bluff.When you watch him you will always have an opinion about Phil, you will either love the guy or you'll hate him!

Nobody dominates a poker table quite like Hellmuth, he can be very intimidating apart from the fact that he is also a brilliant poker player.

If you watch any poker on TV you might have seen Hellmuth play Annie Duke in the final of WSOP 2004. What a scorcher! It was the best thing I'd seen on TV for ages, Phil accused Annie of not really understanding the hands because she'd bet unexpectedly and went off ranting and swearing as she won. Fantastic stuff!

Phil is one of the major names associated with UltimateBet see Phil Hellmuth at UltimateBet

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