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Phil Gordon


Phil Gordon was born in Texas in 1970. He was a child star in that he was able to enter college at age 15. He graduated from college at age 20 from Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned a degree in computer science there.

Before his poker career, though, he led an equally amazing life. He worked for a company called Netsys Technologies as its lead software engineer. Two years later, it was bought out. Instead of moving to the next company, Phil sold all he had and took a two year trip that would encompass 6 continents and over 50 countries. With little more then a backpack, he traveled the world and looked for adventure. After returning from this adventure, he was able to spend another year traveling around the United States taking in many major sporting events of all types.

At age 7, though, Phil learned to play poker. In 2001, He was the World Series of Poker champion event’s fourth place holder. The following year, he was in two final table tournaments. He placed sixth in Pot-Limit Hold”em. He then placed third in the Omaha/better.

Currently he is challenging even more poker players. But he is known for his pleasant mannerisms and great personality. He is more then just poker professional though. Phil is a sports enthusiast, an adventure traveler and a businessman to boot. He is also co hosting the TV show, Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Phil has recently become involved with one of the fastest growing and most exciting poker sites on the internet, Full Tilt Poker. See Phil Gordon at Full Tilt Poker

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