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Paul Phillips


Paul Phillips is a well known, but sometimes not so well loved poker player. His skill and knowledge of the game are exceptional, but the man has strong feelings and makes sure they are well known. While this is not a bad thing, it has caused much spectacle. Nevertheless, Phillips is a renowned poker champion!

Years ago, Paul was in the Internet business. He was a top executive of an internet business before the dot com crash. He sold out just in time to make a huge windfall. So, as he likes to tell those who ask, money is not why he plays. Instead it is the thrill and challenge that he loves.

Paulís skills are outstanding. He is able to read other players well. His poker knowledge is extensive. But, he has admitted that he bluffs often. When playing poker, he is talkative with his fellow players. He is also usually involved in big pots.

In 2004, Phillips was in several of the final tables of the World Poker Tournament. At the Bicycle Casino World Poker Tournament event, Paul took second. Later, at the Bellagio Casino, he won over 300 other players.

Paul Phillips is one poker player that is in the prime of his career. Heíll be around many more years to challenge anyone who crosses his path. He loves the challenge almost as much as he loves the gambling and socializing involved in the game as well. Look for him to be in many more World Poker Tournaments in the coming years.

He is involved with one of the best and fastest growing poker websites of all, Full Tilt Poker. See Paul Phillips at Full Tilt Poker

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