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Can you Crack the Party Poker Code?

Party Poker is the biggest online poker site by far. Every day thousands upon thousands of players log in to the Party Poker site and play the games on offer. With up to 20,000 people playing at any one time, this is a seriously BIG business, raking in many thousands of dollars daily. Buying into a poker tournament at PP typically will cost you around 10% extra on your entry fee, if you buy into a '$5+$0.50' tourney for example, the '$0.50' portion is the amount that goes straight to the site while the $5 goes into the prize fund. To see how fast the money is piling in to PP, look at the Hand Number figure in the corner, it will be showing the number of hands dealt since the site started. Now look again when your next hand is dealt, three or four minutes later, The total will have risen by thousands and each of these will be putting more money into the coffers of Party Poker. As I said, BIG business!

As with anything that makes money, there are people who have an interest in removing some of it for themselves - either by fair means or foul. The foul means include scams during play such as setting up multiple user accounts and using cheat software and also scams outside the actual game like spoof emails trying to get account details.

But there are legitimate attempts at cracking the Party Poker code as well. People have studied the way the site works for many thousands of hours in an attempt to decipher the complex algorithms that are used. There is a widely held belief that PP uses a 'fairness' system in an attempt to even out the luck and stop anyone from winning too much. This of course is great for poorer players who get dealt more than their fair share of 'luck' but bad for the good players who get penalized with statistically improbable runs of bad beats.

So can the code be cracked?
One guy who certainly thinks it can is Andrew K, in fact he has gone on to write a definitive guide showing you just how it can be done. Click Here for Party Poker exposed - full details

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