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Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton is one of the players who has been around a long time. In fact, he has been in the business for over twenty years although poker isn’t exactly what he set out to do in the beginning. For many years he worked long hours at different jobs. He attended Ohio State University on a gymnastics scholarship and earned a degree in Public Recreation. His careers have ranged from being a military equipment salesperson to being a ballroom dance teacher. But, in 1997, he decided to leave those jobs and begin his career in poker.

While he does not play as many tournaments these days, Mike is still quite active in the poker world. Some of the things he has been working on include the following :-
- He has gained celebrity status by co hosting the World Poker Tournament on the Travel Channel. - He writes for Card Player Magazine and Gambling Times. - He is also a host and consultant on the hot online casino Party Poker.

One of the best known things about Mike Sexton is that he is the founder of the Tournament of Champions of Poker. Although this tournament is no longer played, it was one of the most unique and sought after tournaments. It allowed players to play year after year, the goal was to create an atmosphere allowing for the best of the best players. Mike does say that the tournament could return.

Mike Sexton’s successes are many, but here are a few.

In 1989, Mike took 1st place in the World Series of Poker tournament of $1500 Seven-Card Stud Split.

His next 1st place would come in 2000 at the Euro Finals of Poker 2000 in Paris. The game was FF 30,000 European Hold’em Championship.

Again in 2003, Mike would take Europe by storm taking the 1st place in its 5,000 European Heads Up Chanmpionships.

His most resent first place though, though happened only a few months ago at the Crown Australian Poker Championships in Melbourne Australia. The game was 20,000 Non-Australasian Only – Pot Limit/No Limit Speed Poker.

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