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Kirill Gerasimov

Kirill Gerasimov is one of the few Russian professional poker players on the pro circuit. He was born in 1974 in Sochi, Russia Yevgeny and plays a lot of his poker online at his favorite poker website Paradise Poker where he plays the real money tables. He has been a professional since 2001 and has risen to become a good and respected player.

Kirill used to be an insurance salesman from Moscow. He is well known from his World Poker Tournament appearance where he placed second to Alan Goehring and took home over half a million dollars. This win went a long way toward helping Kirill to establish his place in the poker world.

Kirill is a very challenging and competitive player who is known for his cool demeanor and his skill. Like a lot of up and comoing professional stars, Kirill travels all over the world to find the best tournaments to play in. In 2004, he came in 2nd place in No Limit Hold’em Shootout at the World Series of Poker.

Some other featured accomplishments include:
- 1st place: Austrian masters, No Limit Hold’em Championship (2003)
- 1st place: World heads up Poker no Limit Hold’em Championship (2002)
- 1st place: Master classics of Poker, Limit Hold’em (2002)
- 5th place: World Series of Poker, Pot Limit Omaha (2004)

Reach the top like Kirill Gerasimov!

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