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Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert is one of the greatest women players of all time although she never dreamed of playing poker as a career. She was born in Tennessee and grew up in Long Island, later moving to Colorado and eventually winding up living in California. While she was growing up, she learned to play basic poker from watching her parents and later in college Kathy was to further develop her skills.

After graduating college in New York, Kathy decided to spend some time traveling and it was during a trip to Las Vegas that she played her first casino poker game. It was on another one of these traveling trips that she arrived in Colorado, where at the time Colorado’s gambling was just kicking off. After playing $5 limit poker there, she was eventually asked to become a paid player at the casino and this helped her greatly in improving her game. It was at this point that she entered into a tournament, her first in Las Vegas and ended up being placed second. The following week she entered into her first Texas Hold’em tournament, and she again took second place!

Kathy Leibert's other accomplishments include the following:
- She won the inaugural Party Poker Million with a prize of - yes - a million dollars.
- The World Series of Poker named her one of the top ten money winners for women.
- In 2004, she won her first bracelet in Limit Hold’em Shootout.
- In 2003, she took 1st place in Omaha HiLo at Poker Derby and in No Limit Hold’em at the Winning of the Green event.
- Also in 2003, she took 2nd place in Limit Hold ‘em at the World Series of Poker tournament.
- She has also made the final tables at several locations of the World Poker Tournaments at Bicycle Casino, Aruba, and the Ladies Night Invitational.

Kathy continues to play tournaments and competes in the stock market as well. This has become a life that she loves.


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