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Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan's life was not supposed to be about poker. Instead, he should have been helping the family business continue their family restaurants. But, Johnny had different ideas. Instead of working at the family restaurants, he spent much of his time learning to play and playing poker. In fact, he had to hide some of his time spent away from home by telling his family he was enjoying one of his other loves - bowling.

Johnny Chan has been called the World’s best player. He is known for his level of expertise at many levels of play and he has won at many different types of games as well. Johnny is one of the most well known players of all time. Here’s why.

Johnny is one of only three people to win nine bracelets. He ties this record with only two other men, Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth Jr. Even more amazing is that two of them were back to back championships.

Here is Johnny's amazing record of success:
1985: Limit Holdem
1987 and 1988 were Johnny’s back to back championships. (In 1989 he almost had a third win in a row, losing out eventually to Phil Hellmuth in the final match).
1994: Johnny wins Seven-Card Stud
1997: Johnny wins Deuce To Seven Draw
2000: Johnny hits it big at Omaha Pot Limit
2003: A good year, Johnny wins two bracelets, one at No Limit Holdem and one at Pot Limit Holdem
The last match is one that involved many past bracelet winners. When all was said and done it was a replay of the 1989 match against Phil Hellmuth Jr. This time, though, Johnny comes up the winner.

In 2002, Johnny was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, the first Asian player ever to win the honor. He has also played a role in the movie Rounders where he plays himself, the world’s best poker player. There are actual scenes taken from Johnny’s World Series of Poker championship match in 1988. Become the best like Johnny Chan!

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