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Howard Lederer


Howard Lederer’s favorite type of poker is no limit Hold’em, of course! But, it all started growing up in New Hampshire. He and his brothers and sisters would spend their time in the evenings playing card games. Howard’s biggest thrill back then was to beat his father at poker. He believes this is where he learned to be competitive and even love the game!

Howard began his career in New York’s Mayfair Club where he would play all night long. He perfected his game here as well as competed against some outstanding poker players.

He also began coaching his sister during this time. Annie Duke, Howard’s sister, was well on her way to beating him, and eventually became the first woman to win the big cash! Brother and sister where also the first two siblings to play together during the World Series of Poker tournaments.

In 1993, Howard moved to Las Vegas to further his career and to reach the next level. For the first nine years, Howard concentrated his game on cash games. When the world tournament games became a monthly occurrence, he began to focus his attention on this as well. What does he do now, then? Well, he can be found on the circuits playing for the World tournaments. And, he’s playing the big names as well!

Currently, Howard Lederer is married and living in Las Vegas with his wife Suzie and their son Matthias.

Howard has recently become part of the fastest growing and most exciting poker website on the internet, Full Tilt Poker. At Full Tilt Poker, the public can get to play against the celebrities! See Howard Lederer at Full Tilt Poker

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