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Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is my favorite poker player at the moment. I suppose Gus just sums up the whole new poker scene in his play and style. He is young, fresh faced and extremely aggressive like a lot of the new kids on the block in poker.

Gus is currently featuring in a TV re-run of the 2004 Poker Superstars championship and it is enthralling to watch. Even up against legends like Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer and Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen shows absolutely no fear and will raise and re-raise with hands that leave us mere mortals gasping and scratching our heads in disbelief.

Hailing from Copenhagen in Denmark, Hansen is full of icy Scandanavian cool and never seems to get phased, even in all-in win or die situations. He can raise with a 10 3 offsuit just because he knows how to play the players, as much as the cards.

Born Gustavo Hansen, he is a three time WPT champion and in 2002, his first season, he won both the Bellagio Casino and the Commerce Casino events. He followed it up in his second season by winning the Bad Boys of Poker WPT event and also the Pokerstars Caribbean Poker Adventure, winning a very nice pot of $455,780

Gus started out by playing backgammon and not surprisingly was very good at that too, becoming a ranked player.

Gus is now involved with the poker site PokerChamps which he claims has the best poker software in the world. Although maybe a slightly biased viewpoint, it is a very good site to play on especially if you get annoyed by the cartoon "avatars" that you get on some of the sites. PokerChamps focuses it's attention on clean, fast play and not on gimmicks.

Join Gus Hansen at PokerChamps!

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