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Fair Poker


If you are interested in a bit of the history of Fair Poker this was written on Love-Texas-Holdem around 2006:


Fair Poker is a poker site with a difference! They claim to be the world's first and only poker site offering a 3D view of the table. It sounds a bit gimmicky but it's really quite effective and adds to the overall online poker playing experience.The 3D view features animated, talking avatars (that's the name for the player graphics), each with its own personality realistic character expressions. There's also the standard Birds-Eye view of the table if you prefer the more traditional setup. You can of course swap between the modes whenever you want from one game to the next.

Another innovation of the site is their full-screen option, which is exactly as it sounds. You can use your whole computer screen to play rather than have anything else showing on it. This again suits some people more than others, for example you might want to check your emails during the game and you couldn't do so in full screen mode.

Fair play to Fair Poker though, the game will develop online in more ways than we know now and they are at the forefront of it with their innovative new ideas.

It's not just in the graphics department that Fair Poker have original ideas, their games have interesting new slants as well. For example there's the Dirty Dozen – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go. This represents a great opportunity to make some real money if you are a decent player.

The concept is this: Win four consecutive Dirty Dozen tournaments and you win $2000. What's the catch? Well none really, there's only six players at each table and the buy-in is just $2 + $0.35. per game. If you're a good player this has to be a great chance of winning a big $2000 pay off!

Progressive Sit ‘N’ Gos
This is another area which Fair Poker are big on. The idea is that you can win big jackpot prizes by winning consecutive tournaments, a bit like their Dirty Dozen Jackpot. With the Rio and Maui Jackpots however, the stakes are increased somewhat, the jackpots being in the $30,000 to $40,000 bracket.
The obvious difficulty of these tournaments however is to actually win five or six tournaments in a row, it's a very tall order. Even the very best poker players would struggle to do it as anyone can get a bad turn of the cards that turns your winning hand to mush while at the same time improving a no-hoper to a winner.

As with all good poker sites there are always plenty of tournaments going on, the highlight of which is the Monthly $25,000 Guaranteed Tournament.There are a few different ways that you can enter this poker biggie, for example: Straight Buy-in for $100+$9 $20+$2 Sit +Go Satellite ( 6 player ) with $11 for 2nd place. $11+$1 Daily Multi Table Qualifier with one seat for every 10 players that register to the satellite $5.5+$0.5 Daily Multi Table Qualifier with one seat for every 20 players that register for the satellite.
As well as this monthly tournament there's a $7500 weekly guaranteed prize poker tournament with a similar satellite entry. In this one though there are three rebuys allowed, or buy in direct for $30+$1.5. The tournament takes place every Saturday at 16:00.

Signup Bonus
Current sign up bonus is 25% up to a maximum of $100 from a $400 deposit. Rake requirements are the poker industry standard 10 raked hands for every bonus dollar released, for example you need to play 250 raked hands to release $25 bonus on a deposit of $100.

There's a nice touch with Fair Poker's Rake policy, in the limit tables the pot must reach $5 before it is raked ($0.25 for every $5 in the pot) and on pot limit and no limit tables a rake is taken when the pot reaches $1 ($0.05 for every $1 in the pot), with the maximum rake taken in any one pot being $3.

Other Stuff
Fair Poker have a "Bad Beat Bonus" which, frankly isn't really worth bothering about. Forget your triple 8s losing out to a straight, for this one you need a minimum of four kings to qualify! I think if I ever lose with four kings I'll give up altogether never mind look for a bad beat bonus.