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Evelyn Ng

Evelyn Ng is one of the most recent new players to make a big celebrity showing. She is only 28 years old and has caused a stir among her fellow poker players. Evelyn’s hometown is Toronto Canada, where she began dealing poker at the tender age of 16. She says that living in the multi cultural city of Toronto has given her a distinct advantage and that she has learned to size up any individual and therefore has an edge at the poker table.

Evelyn started out her career as a blackjack and poker dealer. Since she started playing poker professionally in 2004, she has already won over 34,000 dollars.

Evelyn’s highest tournament finish so far was in 2003 when she was placed 2nd at the World Poker Tournament’s Main Event. Her biggest payout though was by being placed 22nd at World Poker Tour’s Main Event – No Limit Hold’em in January of 2005. The payout there was over $17,000.

This is a poker professional to watch in the future as a rising star. Her beauty is not her only winning quality either. She is capable of sizing up any player and carries an aura of mystery, which disguises what she’s got in her hand from her opponents to great effect.