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Review: Dominate Online Poker by Joris Dekkers

Joris Dekkers has been an online poker player for the last 5 years and has been pretty successful at it. Now Joris has decided to share his experiences with the world in his new poker system, called Dominate Online Poker.

I have been given a sneak preview of the package and I can tell you there is some excellent material in there that will help online poker players of all levels of ability. Whether you are just starting out or you are already an experienced online poker player, Dominate Online Poker has something in it that will improve your game.

The main theme of the course is that online poker is totally different from playing live poker with real cards and a table. You need a different set of skills and most of the things that make a great offline poker player just don't apply online.

With that in mind, Joris carried out some in depth research into what makes a winning online player and found that there was one big secret that separates the best online players from the rest - what actually makes them money. 

I'm not going to reveal what that it, it would spoil Joris's surprise too much but I can tell you that he does reveal his secret in full in the book. Not only that, but he actually gives you all you need to succeed the way he has done.

The Package:

The Dominate Online Poker Course - A 42 page pokerebook detailing all of Joris Dekkers's research and laying out his top advice. Written in an easy to read style that will keep you hooked from the start and will give you the grounding you need to start winning regularly.

Also sprinkled throughout the book are links to some of the best tools that will really make your game kick on to the next level.

The Videos:

There are two videos of actual games where Joris plays and makes money at $20 and then $50 levels. You can gain a lot of insight into how a better player thinks, when he bets and when he folds. If you're not a big fan of reading then these videos alone are well worth the price of the course.

The Bonuses:

Along with the PDF report and videos there is a great bonus package of poker books. These are some of the best poker books ever written and studying them can only improve your game enormously. The books are in PDF format and can be read on your monitor of handheld PDA, or printed out and kept if you prefer to do it that way.


This is a very good course and the material in it will help poker players at any level of ability. I really enjoyed the videos and picked up some very good tips that I'll be keeping up my sleeve for my own online poker games.

If there is a downside at all to the package, the only one I can see is that not all of the tools are free to download. This is a very minor point however when you take the package as a whole. Even though some tools aren't free, some of them give you free trial periods so you can see that you will make more money by using them before you buy them.

All in all I would highly recommend Dominate Online Poker and I would confidently expect that you would gain as much out of it as I have.

Click Here for more information about Dominate Online Poker