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Dewey Tomko

Dewey Tomko is a long-standing poker veteran. When looking for players who have been around the block a few times, you might want to look at what has kept him around. He has been a professional poker player for over 35 years. That is quite a length of time in this field.

Dewey is from Winter Haven, Florida where he is a retired kindergarten teacher. He has many accomplishments under his belt as you can see here.

In May of 1979, Dewey took 1st place at the World Series of Poker championship tournament in $1,000 No Limit Hold‘em.

In 1984, Dewey took 1st place again this time at $5000 Omaha Pot-Limit.

Over the next years he has once many large sum winnings. Many times placing in the top ten, he was a force to be reckoned with.

In 2003, at the Five Diamond at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, he competed again. This time it was No limit Texas Hold’em as his game. He placed 2nd in this high stakes round and won over $500,000.

In 2004, Dewey hit first place again at $1000 No limit Texas Hold’em. He also placed 4th at Costa Rica Classic as well.

So far the 2005 season has been good to him. He has placed 1st in $1500 No Limit Hold‘em.

While he has mostly been a tournament player, Dewey has been a long standing figure in poker for many years. Don’t look for him to slow down any time soon either!