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David Williams

David Williams is a resident of Dallas, Texas. Those who don’t know who he is may be able to recall his name from being a champion at the strategic game Magic, The Gathering. He is best known for this game, which he has been playing since age 8 but David is much more than just a Magic, The Gathering player.

David Williams was accepted into Harvard and Princeton. He chose Princeton, but later dropped out because he was just too far from his beloved Texas. Instead, he began to play poker in 1997. Although he has won big in poker (over 3.5 million) he is currently enrolled in Southern Methodist University where he is majoring in economics. He is a straight 4.0 student as well.

But, where does poker come into David’s life? After playing the game Magic, The Gathering, he was already a born strategist. Poker was not a stretch of the imagination - and he has done very well at it too.

In May of 2004, David Williams reached the final table and indeed made the final two of the World Series of Poker champion event, where he came up against Greg Fossilman-Raymer. His winnings from this match were over $3,500,000. How did he manage to get into this event? He did so by “living the dream” – he won his place at the WSOP from the online site PokerStars.

David also won second place the same year at the World Poker Tour $10,000 No Limit Holdem Final Day in Atalantic City. He took home over half a million from this event. He finally hit 1st place at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas in December of 2004 but only took home $121,000 there.

Despite his obvious talent for the game, David plans a career in economics or alternatively to start his own business. He currently has no plans to play poker as a professional.