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Daniel Negreanu

Looking for a winner? Look no further then Daniel Negreanu - in the world of poker that is. As a young player he has defied the odds. He learned to play the game at age 15. But, by age 23, he was so well versed and so good that he won the World Series of Poker Pot limit Hold’em tournament. Daniel was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has moved to Las Vegas since in order to advance his career.

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most watched, most knowledgeable players out there. He has had many successes, and has no reason to slow down now! Daniel is known as one of the top tournament players in the world. He’s just as good at cash games.

In 1997, Daniel was the best all around Player in the World Poker Finals. The next year, he played his first World Series of Poker tournaments, and won and did it all at only 23 years of age! This made him the youngest man to do this-ever.

In 2004, Daniels winnings were over 4,400,000 dollars. That comes in part from the fact that he has won more tournaments than any other player since 1997. Twenty-five of them were first place finishes.

His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed though. Daniel writes for Card Player magazine, The Poker Authority. He is a very outspoken individual. His knowledge and love of the game are evident in that he will take on the most difficult of poker issues regardless of how it is later viewed. Daniel is a face to remember and keep watching for. It is also advisable to learn from him by reading his articles in the magazine.