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Cyndy Violette

Cyndy Violette is a great example of a poker player who has started at the bottom and worked her way up. When she first began playing poker, she was pregnant and only 22 and could barely afford the cost of the games she played, $1 and $4 poker.

Cyndy being the character that she is managed to grasp the opportunity and work her way up to higher payouts fairly quickly, she discovered a hidden skill that she had for the game. At this point, she started to realize, and dream, that she could make a career out of playing poker.

Many who have played against her see Cyndy Violette as a challenge not only because of her skill but her looks as well, for some it might prove very difficult not to be distracted by her obvious beauty.

In the 1980’s, after divorcing her husband and returning to poker after a few years off, she moved to Atlantic City. Cyndy moved in an attempt to enhance her poker career and that is indeed how it worked out for her.

She says she only plays the weekends. Cyndy does this because that is when the most celebrities, businessmen, and multi millionaires are out and ready to play. She normally plays the $150/300 games and sometimes goes up as high as the $400/800 games.

Cyndy is a high stakes poker player and has had several final table appearances as well as winning at the World Series of Poker in May of 2004 at $2000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo Split. Cyndy has been known to travel the world in search of a good, high stakes game.