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Chip Jett

Chip Jett has developed a way to win. He says that the best strategy is having several different playing styles to call upon, thus keeping the other players completely off their guard. That is his method of choice, trapping others by never allowing them to know what type of strategy he is planning.

He is one of the best poker players in that he is very well rounded and well versed in many games. He began his career as a proposition player, now though, he is all about tournament play. This has been a good change for him as well.

Chip Jett’s winning games are many. In fact, in the year 2003, he had 15 final table appearances alone. Quite a few for one year’s worth of play. He also won the 4th Annual World Poker Open and the 2003 Tropicana in the Omaha High-low.

A proud accomplishment for him includes his 2001 Los Angeles Poker Classic match that he was named Best All Around Player. There he made seven final tables in six different games! That is the mark of a well rounded player.

And top that off with two final table appearances at the World Series of Poker.

Being a well rounded, diverse player has helped Chip to be successful. He is able to read what other players are thinking and react quickly and effectively against it. Also, he gets some extra practice because his wife, Karina Jett, is also a professional poker player