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Why You Should NEVER use the Check/Fold button!

The Check/Fold button is one of a set of convenience buttons designed to keep an online poker game flowing freely. As well as the Check/Fold button, there is usually a Fold button, a Raise button and either a Call button or a Check button depending on your situation in the game.

The idea is that you can click on the button any time after you have seen your cards and the poker client will automatically carry out your instruction when it comes around to your turn. It can be useful for players who play multiple tables at the same time and are prepared to make their decision early based purely on the value of their cards. Now most of these buttons can be used freely without giving any real clue to your opponents as to what hand you are holding. For example, clicking on the Fold button will never reveal anything as you are folding the cards anyway.

However the one exception is the Check/Fold button and here’s why.

The Check/Fold button only comes into play when you are in the big blind position and if you use it consistently then you can give away your hand. Why? Well, if you use the button on every hand, your cards are played instantly without any delay. If your opponents spot that when you’re in the big blind you are using the Check/Fold button, they will know that you would have been prepared to fold your hand unless you got to see the flop for free.

So in effect, you’re telling them that you don’t have a hand worth betting on! Any experienced poker player who’s concentrating on the game will spot this and will simply put in a big raise which you will need to fold to.

This isn’t such a big problem on lower value poker tables as most players aren’t experienced enough to notice, aren’t paying attention, or might even be drunk but if you are hoping to move your game on to the next level and start playing for higher stakes, it’s one tip that you should always bear in mind.