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Alan Goehring

Alan Goehring is one of the best poker tournament players out there. He simply needs to get out of that second place spot more often! In his forty odd years of life, Alan has been many things. Before playing poker for a living, though, he was a highly successful Wall Street financial executive who dealt with junk bond analysis and trade.

Then, Alan moved on to the world of poker in 1997. In 1999, Alan came in second place in the World Series of Poker tournament. Again in 2002, he hit that second place spot at the Bellagio’s $3000 no limit Hold’em tournament. It wasn’t until the World Poker Tournament in 2003 that he finally hit the big one bringing in over one million dollars.

During that tournament, Alan ended up against a player from Russia named Kirril Gerasumov. It came down to that final table where Kirril had gone all in four times previously against Alan. Finally, Alan managed to trap him and won the tournament. It was a close call though!

Alan Goegring is a resident of Henderson, Nevada. He loves the poker game and finds it challenging. He claims that he plays because it is fun, and not about the money. That is his motivation for playing. Of course, anyone who can retire at age 37 wealthy has something going for them! He is a player to watch in the coming years.

Goegring's best tournament pots have been:

LA Poker Classic / WPT Event Season 4, February 2006 - $2.39m

Five-Star World Poker Classic - WPT Championship, April 2003 - $1.01m

30th Annual World Series of Poker, May 1999 - $768k

As well as these highlights there have been more than 30 lesser paydays which has seen Alan Goegring make a really nice living from playing the game we all love.