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WSOP Win Seat in 6 easy steps!

WSOP win seat at the greatest show on earth in 6 easy steps!Party Poker have come up with a great idea where you can qualify for the 2005 WSOP world series of poker and win a seat and a fabulous entry package worth $13,500 for as little as a $12 entry fee to the initial stage.

The basic idea is that there are 6 WSOP satellite entry levels (or 'steps') that you have to climb to get to the WSOP tournament. You can buy in to any level along the way, or win the level below and get promoted up to the next level. At the bottom is the $11 + $1 buy-in, then as you progress upwards the levels increase to $50 + $5, $200 + $20, $500 + $40, $1000 + $80 and finally step 6 which is $2000 + $150. A tournament at any level consists of only 10 players and winning any level gets you a free ticket to the next level of the WSOP tournament.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

If you don't win your step, you don't necessarily drop out of the WSOP poker competition altogether. There are various options available, for example if you get to step 3 here's what happens.
- Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd and you get a free ticket to step 4.
- Finish 4th and you get to play again at step 3.
- Finish 5th or 6th and you get to play again at step 2.
- Finish 7th or 8th and you win $25 cash.
- Finish 9th or 10th and you drop out.

So only the bottom two positions out of 10 go out of the tournament with nothing, and the top 6 all carry on playing with a chance of still winning the big prize.

I think this is a fantastic idea, it really gives everyone a great chance and even if you do go out of the tournament, you can always buy back in for only $12!

2005 WSOP Win Seat at Party Poker

2005 Love-Texas-Holdem.com - WSOP win seat

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