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Phil Ivey


Phil Ivey started playing professional poker in Atlantic City, New Jersey where he grew up. He started out playing video poker but soon graduated to the real thing.

Ivey has been labeled the "Tiger Woods" of professional poker and is one of the most famous players on the World Poker Tour.Phil's very aggresive style makes him one of the best players on the poker tour to watch and he has a level of concentration that is probably unmatched by any of his rivals.

He seems to study every single aspect of the game in great detail and you can't really knock the guy for it as it seem to be very successful for him.

Winner of three WSOP titles in 2003, a WPO and two Bellagio tournaments among others, Phil got into winning ways as young as 23 when he won his first World Series of Poker title.

His modest approach contrasts sharply with some of the brasher individuals around the poker scene but Phil always thinks that there's room for improvement and that there's something else he can learn.

As well as poker Phil is a keen golfer with a burning desire to do very well at that sport also.

He has recently become involved with one of the fastest growing and most exciting poker sites on the internet, Full Tilt Poker. See Phil Ivey at Full Tilt Poker

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